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I really enjoy getting "surprised" when I get home!

Felipe C / Henderson , NV

Good quality brands that I've used before. Fast and easy shipment. Put in my order on Monday and it got here on Thursday.


This is the best way to budget for ammo! The site is easy to navigate and simple to understand. I love when the box arrives because it feels like Christmas when you open it!

Lacey T / Smyrna, DE

It is always a good day when your ammo arrives, good selection and quality ammo.

John K / Clute, TX

Everything worked well. Shipment was prompt. I personally need to learn to navigate the system better.


Only reason i didnt uploard a pic of my crate is because i was so ready that i organized everything into my storage.. Ammosquared is the perfect means to source ammo. My inly complaint is why would you source 223. When i want 556. I know 223 is common. But 556 is moreso. Either way ill use it as a last resort. But hace zero complaints with the company.. i dont have to do any leg work or shopping to find my ammo. These guys put it all together for me.

Troy G / NAMPA, ID

Just got my first shipment. Couldn't be happier!! What a great variety of products. I love the free Stickers as well. It's a small thing like that, that shows this is a great company that cares about its customer base.


I had held off on signing up to ammo2 for almost 2 years. I wasted 2 good years. This is perfect for building a nice stash on a budget. I quickly learned that this is very smart idea and well run business. To say this is a way to invest in tangible assets and will be more useful as gold and silver in a societal collapse would be an understatement. I’ve been very happy with everything and have recommended ammo2 to many like minded people. Stay true to the mission!

Christopher A / Tecumseh, NE

Dealing with ammo squared and their simple business plan of buying and storing ammo for a rainy day has been amazing. They have changed it a bit to make it more streamlined and easier to get all the common calibers. Sadly they don’t have the obscure rounds or gear anymore but it was to help out the majority of their customers and help make everything easier.

Israel R / Nakina, NC

Ammo2 pretty dope an awesome way to get ammo without thinking about it and ship it when your ready, also good for those few anti freedom states! Recommend to all my buddies that ask for ammo!

Brandon J / Lewisberry , PA

I really like the company. How it's setup and what they do. I never had an issue with anything. I receive my packages in a timely manner and are packed very well. Great job ammosquared.

Pablo Z / Dallas, TX

Its a great option for practice ammo/regular ball ammo . This is my second time getting my ammo shipped .

Aaron M / Terrell, TX

I have received shipments in the past that I wasn't happy with but for 9mm planking ammo, this was really good. I wish instead of the 8 boxes of PPU, maybe they gave me 2 boxes of another brand. But overall good quality ammo. Nice to let it build up. Was well packaged and neat. Keep improving.

Kerry H / Irvine , CA

Super happy at the ease of using Ammo2! Shipment arrived today, couldn’t wait to open and see what brands were in my boxes! It felt like Christmas in July! Thank you Ammo2! Kerry

Aaron M / Terrell, TX

I believe the concept is great. Great idea for building up range ammo or to try new ammo. I do wish you could choose the brands that you prefer. Not a fan of ammo inc which is what I got the most of for 9mm match ammo. Not thrilled with that. Shot a box of it, it didn't shoot like match ammo so I sold the rest. Was a wast of my time building up match ammo. Will just go back to buying match ammo here & there else where. Happy on the 6.5 grendel selection. Bummed out that they discontinued offering 6.5 grendel. Of all the brands, hopefully they will discontinue buying ammo inc, to many other better choices. I do appreciate that they continue to update and try to improve.

Curtis H / Milo, ME

Highly recommend! Selected ammo was shipped quickly and arrived on time. Wish every company kept their promises like you guys!

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

Proud to support a Veteran Owned Co. Proud to be AMERICAN.

Jacob K / River Falls , WI

Fast shipping. Items arrived packaged well and undamaged. Great service! A+

Ysmael S / LUBBOCK, TX

Ammo shipment quick like always time to take a trip to the range

Alexander S / Alanson, MI

The ammo is high quality and blew my mind how great these rounds work I look forward to my next shipment

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