How it Works

At AMMO², we’re redefining what ammunition ownership looks like. Instead of a traditional approach, we set out to use the internet to actually make buying and owning ammunition easier.

Big Picture (how we do that):

  1. Start with an account that holds ammo like a bank account - call it an “ammo piggy bank”
  2. Now fill it with the calibers and type of ammo you want, on a budget and schedule that fits your needs.
  3. Pair it with an automated notification system to alert you when you’ve reached your ideal shipping threshold...

And you’ve got the power of AmmoSquared, where our mission is to “Simplify Ammunition Ownership”. We do that by making it easy (and automatic!) to purchase and store the ammo that you want.

Create your first crate

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for an account.


Start setting up your first crate by picking the CALIBER. We group calibers by the type of firearm (Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun), so you’ll need to pick that first.

Next you’ll pick the PURPOSE. We group ammo into four main purposes: Practice, Hunting, Self-Defense and Competition.Your choice will determine if there are any special features available. If so, you can select one or skip it.

Next, you’ll need to set your BUDGET. This is the total amount you’ll be spending on your crate each renewal cycle - across all of the calibers you eventually select.

Now you’ll need to set up your SHIPPING TRIGGER. This is an automated notification that will email you when your ammo is ready to ship. You can make a selection or just leave it as the default: Store and Hold.

On the Summary Page you can make adjustments or add more ammo before moving on to the next step.

In the last step of initial sign up, you can add your shipping address, payment method and double check everything is correct before clicking the Complete Your Subscription button...

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Recent reviews

Timothy S / Burnsville , MN

My friend referred me and at first I was reluctant since it took a little time to fill my crate. It arrived on time and brand name 9mm practice ammo. Looking forward to more filled crates!

Blake B / Eldridge, MO

You guys have such an awesome service! Every part of it was amazing. The app is fantastic and shipment was super fast. Keep up the great work!

Adam M / Medford, NY

It never gets old to open up a box filled with ammo! Thanks, as always!

Quinton A / Lithonia, GA

600 rounds! Not a bad score for $25 a month! Thanks ammosquared!

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