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Customer Reviews

Robert C / Clearmont, MO

price of shipping is a little high, but everything else was perfect..

Curtis K / Guyton, GA

Ammo Squared is awesome! Best way to dollar cost average your ammo purchases. Set it and forget it and then magically a box of ammo of your chosen calibers appears at your doorstep. 10/10 highly recommend!

Aaron H / Daytona Beach , FL

This was awesome! It was very useful to build ammo like this without having to run around looking for the best prices. Whenever the prices dipped, I would buy more, which is not even an option with in store purchases and a lot of work to do online on my own. After this shipment, I will be sticking with AmmoSquared for as long as they are around.


I have been with Ammo2 for a couple of years, and I really enjoy the idea of making small, incremental purchases that are stored elsewhere until they are significant enough to be shipped to me. This is a reasonably priced and quality managed program. The staff with whom I have interacted have all be exceedingly helpful, polite, and professional. These folks get the job done well. I am very pleased with their service and the quality of the products they provide.

Benjamin H / Bloomfield, IN

Everything has worked well. Thanks


Excellent service, easy to adjust, and quality product, highly recommended

Robert G / Spokane, WA

I have felt safer ever since I recieved my first shipment

Trey K / Norman, OK

I've been using Ammo^2 for two years and absolutely LOVE IT! So easy to store and accumulate ammo without it taking up too much room in my storage area! 10/10 experience with them in every interaction!

Philip M / Debary, FL

Very have with my order it came as I expected in the time frame thank you Ammo Square

Gilbert l / Whittier, CA

Got my 1st shipment and I am extremely happy with my Ammo2 account. Way easier than I ever thought. Looking forward to adding to my account. I high recommend this sight to any gun enthusiast. Right on Ammo2!

Curtis H / MILO, ME

Shipment was exactly as expected. Ammo2 makes it easy and convenient to get the ammo you need. Love this company!

William V / Brookeville, MD

Package arrived on time without any issues all in good order

Ysmael S / LUBBOCK, TX

Another fast on time shipment I have never had a issue love it

George R / Ridgeville, SC

Thanks to the folks at Ammo Squared for another easy, prompt shipment. It's so convenient to request a delivery of the amount and caliber variety of rounds I want. I have adequate rounds of range and self-defense ammo in four handgun and one rifle calibers at home. The balance sits safely in climate controlled storage at Ammo Squared. What could be easier?

Lawrence O / Port St Lucie, FL

I appreciate the on line account organization and ease of acquiring ammo without taking the time to go get it. The convenience of high quality ammo purchased in numerous calibers and shipped at regular intervals makes a big difference. We prefer a regular monthly payment and plan to be Ammo Squared customers for the long haul. Essential service provided by really nice people. Sign up today! You’ll be glad you did.

Dawson H / Bluffdale, UT

Convenience is great! My one complaint is most of my m1 garand compatible ammo was actually not very compatible but I have an adjustable gas plug so oh well.

Troy H / Mont Belvieu , TX

Ammo2 turned out to be an excellent and no hassle way to aquire ammo. Pay as much as you want, as frequently as you want, top off boxes, change calibers, free shipping after so many rounds (a couple hundred?). The app and website are user friendly and a snap to navigate too. My foirst shipment (I choose 500 rounds as when to ship) arrived timely and it was some good quality well known brand ammo.

Ron E / Purcell, OK

I just got my first shipment. I joined and had some misgivings as to, will I actually get the free ammo and will they send it as stated? They did and it came with the small bunch I ordered. I am happy with this now and will continue to purchase and store ammo here.

Stephen B / Irmo, SC

I just received my first shipment from Ammo² and am super pleased with everything the company does! The first thing I'd like to mention is just how fantastic their customer support is! Being a newbie I had a couple of questions and their team was super prompt, helpful, and friendly! It is very apparant that they value their customers and that means a lot, especially in this day and age. The products they suppy are brands you will most likely have heard of or used before, so they do their homework and will supply you with good quality. Their website and app are excellent and mostly easy to use if you read the instructions properly. If you like to shoot multiple calibers, Ammo² is a fantastic service and I'd recommend them to anyone.

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

Variety is the spice of life.

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