Customer Reviews

Timothy S / Burnsville , MN

My friend referred me and at first I was reluctant since it took a little time to fill my crate. It arrived on time and brand name 9mm practice ammo. Looking forward to more filled crates!

Blake B / Eldridge, MO

You guys have such an awesome service! Every part of it was amazing. The app is fantastic and shipment was super fast. Keep up the great work!

Adam M / Medford, NY

It never gets old to open up a box filled with ammo! Thanks, as always!

Quinton A / Lithonia, GA

600 rounds! Not a bad score for $25 a month! Thanks ammosquared!

Christopher M / East Patchogue, NY

I love this ‘set it and forget it service’. The monthly subscription model was a great idea and I’m happy I jumped on board. Off to the range!


My first crate. It's small, but I wanted to see what was actually going to be shipped. I'm pretty pleased and will be growing my next crates. Really love that I can set and forget my ammo purchases.


Great shooting ammo!

david c / Castle Hayne, NC

First time receiving my shipment , and I’m very happy with what I got . Let’s keep it going !! FJB

Kevin W / Yorktown, VA

Crazy convenient and a huge selection! Got it in today and am thoroughly impressed! I'll be ordering another crate here soon!

Abraham M / Bozeman, MT

This is my first crate, and I’m impressed. Not only did Ammo2 send me my favorite ammo (PMC). They sent my favorite grain weight in .40. Ammo is in perfect condition and arrived FedEx on the 3rd day! I also picked up a Glock 17Gen5 mag as well for a steal. I reallly love the buy/sell feature because it lets you buy those last few rounds to complete a box. The sierra Self defense ammo that I received look down right effective with huge hollow points. I did get a box of underwood ammo with XTP…. You know underwood is always top quality. Can’t wait to try them out! Will definely keep my subscription. Hopefully, Ammo2 will restore the ammo brand and grain weight request feature once the Covid age has passed. A+

Jeffery W / Chicago, IL

Decent ammo at a decent price. Shipping is quick.

Curtis L / Terra Alta, WV

Ammo squared is an awesome deal. Love the worry hassle free way of getting ammo stored up and very fast delivery once ammo has been requested.

Bradley S / Michigan City, IN

LOVE the service. Helps me gather ammo which I would probably not do on my own. Shipping was flawless and the items were better quality than what I anticipated. Looking forward to my next shipment for sure.

Mark S / Gloucester, VA

Started investing in Ammo squared this summer and just received my first shipment. Super easy and convenient not having to drive around hunting for ammo

Christian B / Indian Trail, NC

I love getting the order I asked to be shipped. It feels like Christmas to me. The staff is always so prompt. I enjoy ammo squared so much.

Corey C / Delphos, OH

New shipment of ammo came in! It’s nice to be able to put aside a little each month it’s like Christmas every three months thank you ammo squared

Bradley D / Arcadia, FL

I love this concept. And will continue to be a customer as long as they will have me.

Drew S / Greer, SC

I like it.

Kenneth B / Brookhaven, GA

After notice of shipping via Fedex on Oct 19th, I finally received my package on Nov 16th. The box was almost destroyed with a trail of .22LR ammo from the Fedex truck to my door which fell out of the broken box. In addition my order was shorted by 100 rounds of 9mm FMJ. Price was acceptable but not the best I've seen recently online. Also, no response received from the company after emailing to ask where my shipment was and when it would arrive. Please contact me by phone to resolve this issue.

Ed C / Homosassa, FL

I did not know what to expect I’m my first shipment from ammo squared. I am very happy with the ammo and the brands. Great way to accumulate ammo with out breaking your budget.

Juan Martin R / Falls Church, VA

Easiest way to buy good quality ammo at relatively competitive prices, given the service provided and the great gift of putting my ammo gathering on full auto - the machine gun of ammo buying!!

Arturo C / Denver, CO

Love getting these shipments every couple of months.

Ismael R / Fort Worth, TX

Awesome investment and the most reliable investment. Customer service is accurate and shipping is even more reasonable than others. Thank to the men and women working hard to make this ammo drop happen. 🇺🇲💪💚❤

Tierre B / Saginaw, MI

Love the set and forget service!

Rhymon G / San Antonio, TX

Good quality and on time

Freddie J / Marietta, GA

Excellent customer service Ammo brands are consistent Love that the collection builds in the background Highly recommended to ALL my friends

Matt B / Kenedy, TX

I love shipping trigger days

Leeroy G / Nederland, TX

I love this . Pay your monthly amount, let your inventory build and have what you want shipped when you need it.

Marc M / Flint, MI

Always love getting ammo from ammo squared. Lovely experience, and they don’t try to fleece you on the price of ammunition. I’ve been a subscriber of this site for a long while, and every time I get a crate I thank gun Jesus and wish for more!!

Phil H / Lansing, MI


Helen O / Henderson, NV

Helen Oseguera-Thank you for the delivery fast and easy. :)

Terek C / Yuma, AZ

Awesome to get bulk ammo prices over time with a subscription.


Came in right on time, can’t wait to run this ammo! Just in time for range day!

Romar S / Las Vegas, NV

I didn't have high expectations at first. Now that I finally got my first crate. I'm extremely happy!

christian h / Grantsville, UT

Love the service, speedy shipping, and quality ammo!

Delbert D / Geronimo, OK

Been a member now for over a year. This is an amazing idea that this company has established. Before it was driving from place to place just to look for ammo. Now I just continue on with life as Ammo² does my shopping for me. Thanks Ammo².

Travis R / Nashua, NH

The Ammo Squad shipped fast and the packaging was great the ammo wasn't damaged. The ammo brands delivered are great PMC and Federal are also my favorite, Thanks.

Robert C / Indianapolis, IN

A.S. was communicative, I got everything promptly and the invoice made it easy to verify the contents were all there. Thanks!

Derek S / Heber City, UT

AMMO² is the only service of its kind to actually pull it off. Quality service, name brand ammo, and fair prices.

Daniel M / Portland, OR

Well packed, good selection, and fast shipping.

David E / Anoka, MN

Ammosquared always has the best ammo. Never had a single problem with any of the ammo I've received through them and they have almost any kind of ammo you want. I wish I would've known about this site sooner.

Jason S / Roanoke, VA

Awesome delivery

Owen C / Murfreesboro, TN

First crate, and it came fast. Set-it-and-forget-it system seems to work great! Excited to get out and shoot it Sunday.

Mike J / Vineyard, UT

I love Ammo2. It has helped me to keep my ammo supply up. Even during this entire ammo shortage. Every month I get a nice surprise of ammo. It is awesome and I recommend it to everybody.

Arthur C / Williamsport, MD

This is easiest way of buying ammo at an affordable price. Customer service is topnotch. Would highly recommend. Love how easy the website is.

Richard S / Greenfield , WI

Great option keeps me from running to different stores for general use ammo. If i am looking for something specific i go to a store

Taigan L / NORFOLK, VA

Fantastic service. Love being able to pay as much as I want. Definitely makes buying ammo less painful!


AmmoSquared is amazing, ammo prices and availability have been absolutely insane over the last 18 months but with AmmoSquared I've barely noticed and was protected from most of the price increases. I can't believe I've seen friends pay $1+ per round for 9mm. I am so thankful for this service, it makes buying, storing, and using ammo so easy and fun.

Colton M / Surprise, AZ

Ammosquared rocks!

Peter M / Lancaster, WI

So easy to save up for me for defensive ammo. My supply grows every month and just have it sent when I want it.

Michael H / Hazel Park, MI

Loving this service.. letting my ammo build in the background is very convenient.. figured I would collect my $5 bounty that was sent with this shipment of freedom seeds.. with a couple of my freedom seed spreaders in the background.. I will always be signed up with ammo squared.. LOVE IT

Todd M / Peoria, IL

Another great experience with Ammo2. Click a couple buttons and boom (pun intended) my ammo shows up. Can't be any easier!

Joel W / Fort White, FL

Been a subscriber for several months now letting the ammo build up and finally decided to get my first delivery. Was not disappointed everything packed in original boxes and appears in great condition will be looking forward to my next delivery.

Clark W / Post Falls, ID

Now that ammo is slowly back. Can’t wait to get to the range.

David G / Easton, PA

Love ammo square and very convenient. Beats running to packed stores shopping for ammo with sky rocket prices.

Robyn A / Central, SC

We love when we get our ammo shipment from AmmoSquared!! It makes creating our stockpile so much easier and affordable!

Fred L / Mukwonago, WI

Always a good day when ammo from Ammo² arrives. Contents are packed neat and securely plus the bonus extras are thoughtful. Thank you!

Matthew C / Durham, CT

Absolutely loved my first shipment! Can't wait for the next one!

Edward C / Charlotte, NC

Order arrived on time & super fast..

Jonathan C / Van Buren, AR

Love knowing I have ammo one request away. No stressing about availability or price gouging.

Kenny O / Waynesville, NC

I love this site! It's where I get all my ammo now, it fits my needs perfectly. Thank you Ammo²!

Matthew H / Jersey City, NJ

Fast shipping, got exactly what I needed. Will continuen

Amanda T / Rochester, NY

Happy Halloween! This was my first shipment and it was on time and packaged well enough. Thanks for a bits of candy as a bonus! XD


A picture is worth 1000 rounds...... Quick and easy....

Austroberto P / Harlingen, TX

Love getting extra ammo on autopilot. The website update has really improved the subscription process.

Adam A / Royse City, TX

As always the ammo shipment arrived quickly, in good condition and with the types and brands I prefer. Remind me to never compete with these guys in a Tetris tournament as they really know how to pack these boxes well using all available space efficiently!

Jed P / Nesbit, MS

Fast shipping and I love the ammo on auto pilot; it’s Christmas multiple times a year! And the swag and goodies y’all throw in the box always keeps me wondering what’s new this shipment, never fails to make me laugh.

Algernon C / UNION CITY, GA

Great company, great selection of ammo including ammo that doesn’t sell in my area locally, great shipping time and packaging! Look forward to doing a lot more business with this company

John C / Elk River, MN

This was the first time I tried AmmoSquared and I dig it.

Mark R / Kingston, IL

I love building my stockpile!

Ronnie A / Olney, TX

well great i started last november 2020 have accumulated close to 500 rounds soo great thanks folks


Hey guys, the latest shipment has arrived! The people at my sporting club keep asking how I keep having ammo to burn. When I explain Ammo² most are skeptical and in disbelief but when I tell them that my shipments have been regular through the shutdowns, I've made quite a few converts.

Robert D / Summerville, SC

Fast shipping, ammo arrived in excellent condition! Eagerly awaiting the next shipment!

Caden P / Indianapolis, IN

Absolutely thrilled about getting some soft point 7.5x55 in! Shipped super quick from AmmoSquared and FedEx got it to me within the business week!

Cody R / Des Moines, IA

Great! First shipment!! Look forward to the next one!!!


Autoship inexpensive ammo!? Whaaat!

Connie H / Lufkin, TX

Easy to use, fast shipping. Finally got Ammo!! Couldn't find it anywhere else.

Terrance A / Wichita, KS

I let my inventory build up, slowly since I have a small subscription, and this is my first shipment. Communication was awesome, tracking was good, and contents were well packed and steady. Also great to see it was name brands I recognize!! (Funny irony that a few years back I worked for Federal/CCI)

Anthony A / Lubbock, TX

Still waiting on my shot shells but otherwise I’m pleased with this service.

Daniel N / Marion, KY

Love ammo squared I invest 25-30 sometimes more a month and ship every time I want it! During height of shortage I was receiving ammo cheaper then gun store could or even if they had stock! 243 ammo was not even searchable and I had it in my crate and had regular price from ammo squared, my friends offered me 50$ a box.. I’m a fan and will keep my boxes going!

kevin l / West Jordan, UT

top of the line ammo

Scot M / Albuquerque, NM

Great service, especially during these strange times.

Austin M / Saluda , NC

Received a awesome crate of ammo can’t wait for more !!!

Austin M / Reelsville, IN

Ammo squared is very convenient to slowly stock up and I love the way the system works except that it won’t let you be more picky. Like my last crate I received full power buck shot, this crate I received low recoil. Last crate I received fiocci 357sig, this crate I received repackaged blemished 357 sig but I’ve been buying into it for the same price the whole time? I’m sure once the manufactures catch up, ammo2 will phase out the lower quality stuff like this though and I wouldn’t let that stop you from signing up. I’ve received nothing but pmc bronze 223 and xtac 5.56. 7.62x25 is a little on the high side but I haven’t seen that on a shelf since before the Chinese virus blew up and some how these guys are getting it in! Overall I’m happy and not canceling any time soon

Jeffrey J / Ranger, GA

Every time I receive a shipped crate it's like Christmas. I've never had any loose rounds in the box due to it being packaged well.

Tayor S / Claremont, VA

Love ammo squared never had any problems will definitely continue using their service, doing competitive shooting it's nice knowing that I have a continuous stream of ammo without having to think about it


Very satisfied

TC W / Wilson, NC

Outstanding ! Love knowing I have ammo collecting to be shipped every month!


So far so good.

Brian S / Tiverton, RI


Brenton L / Youngsville, NC

Ammo squared has a great concept they've brought to market! I've been a member for about 13 months and witnessed the website upgrade, which is a big improvement. On rare occasions I have sought customer support and found their team to be quick and professional. Prices are more than fair and the $250 free shipping trigger definitely is a sticky. My only issue is the availability of ammo, which is obviously not a fault of the company...rather it is difficult within the website to know if particular ammo subscriptions will be fulfilled or just allocated.

Matthew T / Sleepy Hollow, IL

Best ammo. purchase experience I’ve encountered! Highly recommend your service to friends/family. Keep up the great work!

Roberto R / Asheboro, NC

Been a member since 2017 and I’ve always been happy with what I receive. Plus the customer service is awesome, gets back to very fast and straight to the point !

Don B / Pinebluffs, WY

I LOVE the concept of AMMO SQUARED.

Robert C / North Palm Beach, FL

Joined during the pandemic, slowly accumulating ammo in my crate. When I hit 500 rounds of 9mm and 22lr I asked for it to be shipped, and it showed up as promised. great service and concept.

Henderson W / Palm Bay, FL

My daughter loves watching episodes of Lilo & Stitch. My shipment was over $250, so free shipping. I maintained my practice crate with AmmoSquared throughout the pandemic. I kept my payments monthly and eventually added another crate for self defense. I was surprised to see that when I was getting my practice ammo crate shipped, I was asked if I would like to include ammo from other crates as well! Definitely! Really with the wait and saves me from the local ammo find grind. Yeah. I’m gonna go have a little fun this weekend or the following weekend. I have only had great communication from past shipments. This definitely changed the way I receive ammo. I love emails from this company. You’ve Got Ammo! Why yes… Yes I do!!! 😁

Louis C / Byron, GA

Couldn't be easier! Ammo Squared is doing all the work, and I get all the rewards. Very pleased. Thank you.

Erik F / Chippewa Falls, WI

I love ammo squared!! I like the fact that I receive different types of ammo. Many I don’t have in my area of the country. I recommend ammo squared to anyone looking to passively grow your ammo stock and have some unique rounds to use!

Dean B / Toledo, OH

delivery was on time and even early. the ammo I got was all top quality.

Scott C / North Aurora, IL

Fast delivery! Love being able to build up a stockpile month after month.

Jeffrey M / Kyle, TX

Ammo the way it should be! This is the easiest way to purchase, store and ship ammo, period! Shipping is always fast and if you know, if your crate is worth $250 or more is free shipping!

Zachary S / Cooleemee, NC

I love the different variety of ammo that was included, many kinds I have not used or seen before! I look forward to my next shipment from ammo²!


Wow,ok! That was fast and easy! Keep'em Coming.

Jason A / Somerville , TX

Went very smooth. Josh was a huge help in getting my crate shipped.

Timothy T / Bremen, GA

I love the convenience of AmmoSquared.

Isaac M / Port Angeles, WA

Got on early, after hearing about AmmoSquared on the radio, before COVID (and the natural aftermath of worse governance by our employees in DC). Good move. Dan was the only person I spoke to in the early days, and was really happy to just talk. The best business-wise thing they’ve done so far is update the website—much easier to operate.

Ethan S / Gulf Shores , AL

Ammo 2 is amazing. It’s hassle free and you don’t have to worry about if your going to receive your ammo or not. I absolutely love it.

David R / Chicago, IL

Freedom can’t be put in a simple box, but if it could it would look like this.

David O / Forney, TX

My sweet babies came in the mail exactly when Ammo^2 said they would. Nothing was damaged on the inside or the outside. Some of the individual ammo packages were broken or loose but that doesn't matter because they're going straight into mags.

Michael H / New Holland, PA

Very easy to use and when you need your ammo, ships really quick.

Andrew C / Williston, VT

It’s so convenient for me.

Scott F / Schertz, TX

Great experience, super easy, robust variety of calibers...and super fast shipping when its time to get your crate.

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