Customer Reviews


Love the rounds i got so far


This is the handiest way to keep a rolling stock of the ammo I'd be impulse buying, anyway. Getting to try loads I haven't seen before is fun. Found a new 5.56 I'm gonna load in my defensive mags.

Michael M / WASECA, MN

4 months at $100 per month split between .223 and 300 Blackout defensive ammunition. Took 11 calendar days to get here with a day or two weather delays. I would prefer at least 3 box's (60 rounds) minimum per SKU. I look forward to the next shipment.


I like that I get ammo in the mail every so often.

Philip W / Richmond , KY

Paid monthly for several month with what I could afford. I was extremely excited to receive my ammo and pleased with the communication and the product itself. Thank you ammo squared!


Like chocolate, never know what you'll get & free shipment is the icing on top.

Nathan G / Fountain inn, SC

Absolutely love it. It's like having a Netflix subscription but for boom therapy.


I'm happy with my ammunition and am telling everyone I know about your company.

Sara R / Dalton, OH

My shipment came as promised and in a timely fashion.

Clifford M / Centennial, CO

Wow!!! What an amazing assortment of ammo arrived tonight! Expertly packaged, everything arrived in perfect condition! And the shipping was FREE!!!

Ryane M / SPRING, TX

Love getting my ammo from ammosquared. It’s a very great way to accumulate a lot of rounds without having to spend $200 every range day for a lot of ammo.

Mike B / Longview, WA

Love the budget and love coming home to a box of freedom seeds waiting.


Almost every time I go out to get ammo I end up talking myself out of buying it because “I don’t need it right now.” That’s no longer the case because every week I get ammo added to one of my crates and I don’t need to think about increasing my stocks. Going to the range feels way less expensive because the cost is spread out. I love the concept of this company, I’m excited to see this company grow

Steven T / Boca Raton, FL

Second shipment I've received, had it in a week. Good quality ammo for the range and self-defense. I love the way I can budget monthly for ammo and then ship when I need!


Great value for money. Prices are usually as low or lower than my local stores sale prices. Biggest saving is in time! I don't have to hunt for deals anymore!

Porter W / Safford, AZ

It was a great experience and extremely smooth process

Katie P / Swanton, OH

Love how easy it has been. Auto deduction from my account and after a while auto shipment to my door!

Luke H / Stafford, VA

As always another good shipment. I have to say I really enjoy the tracking/monitoring functions built in to my account; my OCD brain really appreciates being able to see where my money/ ammo is at all times!

Timothy P / Temple, TX

I love you guys! Makes buying ammo painless and feels like Christmas each time I get a shipment in.

Darin H / Spanaway, WA

Ammo2 is where I go

Darin H / Spanaway, WA

Ammo2 is my to get what ammo is needed

William V / Brookeville, MD

I just received my shipment order of 3 boxes PMC .38, 2 boxes PMC .45 and 1 box of Speer Blazer Aluminum .45. Please do not ship me any caliber Ammo using aluminum or steel casings. I only prefer to use brass cashing Ammo. Thanks.


Ammo squared has always been great. I signed up right before the pandemic. I am so glad I did, while everyone was searching for ammo I let do the searching for me. I love the ability to store ammo until I need it. Plus it's always fun when you get a shipment and get to see all that ammo all in one box. (Along with a few gifts from them) I couldn't imagine not having them in my corner, I pretty much rely on them for all my ammo needs.

Jacob C / BEL AIR, MD

Christmas came early for this gun slinger!

Patrick A / Morristown, TN

It's great to be able to set a $ amount monthly and set a shipping trigger and have ammo show up at your door on a regular schedule. Spend as little or as much as you can afford on your selection of ammo! I do miss the 500 Smith & Wesson and other odd ammo but understand the business decision on dropping some selections.

Jesse Q / Arvada, CO

There fast to answer emails back they help you out on ammo exchange And not once has my order been late or shipped short on my count

James F / North Las Vegas, NV



Love AMMO squared! Nothing like always having ammo available to buy with the democrats are in charge scaring people and causing panic buying.

Christian D / Lewisberry, PA

So easy and convenient to keep ammo on hand.

Jonathan B / Jackson, GA

I’ve been using ammo squared for 4 years now and absolutely love it! My cabinets are overflowing with ammo and I’m only paying $20 per week per crate, shhhh my wife doesn’t know about the other crates 😂. These folks are the best of the best and I’ve been able to adjust calibers and amounts so easily for what we target shoot and what we want to have on hand for the apocalypse. Don’t wait till range day to try and find ammo and pay hundreds of bucks, let it slowly build up in the background and have it ready when you need it! Trust me, I went from having some ammo to A WHOLE LOT of ammo and it didn’t break the bank. JB

Tracie B / LEONARD, MI

Great crate-love how I can specialize a crate to meet my needs.


Ammosquared has been the most reliable and consistent business that has provided me with ammunition for the last couple years! During the covid pandemic, this was the only way I was able to get ammunition. I only wish I could still get more 8mm and 7.7 Jap from them!

Robert C / Charleston, WV

I can always count on Ammosquared for best ammunition pricing and automated inventory management. Thanks!

Sander S / Spokane, WA

My hungry MK18 CBQR Block 1 clone and I thank you! I’ve been a customer for six years and customer service has always been great, even during a series of my military moves. I look forward to many more convenient shipments!

Arturo C / Denver, CO

The latest crate arrived. Thanks a lot guys.


On point delivery as all have been! Cool swag always included.

Ricky M / ROGERS, AR

Love when a crate comes in! I like how passive it is!


I love this subscription box. It is a simple and effective way to stock up on ammo that is hard to find at times.

William C / MARICOPA, AZ

First time shipment. I put 20.00 a week down. Set up the allocations and upon my shipment trigger in dollar amount ammo shows up at my door. No Fuss No Muss! Love how automated this is!

Tim M / Springfield , IL

Second shipment and great products. Love the service. Definitely beats going to the stores and having to decide through the limited supply.

Jay F / Mount Sterling, KY

I have been using ammosquared for about 2 years now and it is awesome. I don’t have to go looking for Ammo. I like supporting smaller American run businesses. They make it easy and shipping is fast. Thank you Dan and Danielle for what you do. You all Rock. Jay- Mt Sterling, Ky.


My thoughts after using the service for about six months. There were a few reasons I tried it out: 1. I have limited space so I liked that they store it for you. 2. Their prices were the best I could find at the time. 3. I liked the idea of it automatically building up without any thought required. 4. I don't necessarily care exactly what brand I get, within certain parameters. One by one, those reasons kinda fell away. 1. Even a crate of rifle ammo doesn't take up /that/ much space... and it lasts a long time. 2. Others are beating their prices, especially when buying in bulk...and you get it immediately as opposed to having to wait an indeterminate amount of weeks for your ammo to allocate (yes, I understand why they use that system). 3. It's more mental energy to figure out their crate system and split up how much of your budget goes to what than just hopping online once every 3-6 or whatever months and buy yourself a thousand round crate of ammo of whatever you need and be done with it. 4. Still don't particularly care what brand I get, so I guess this one stays. If you buy into the "ammo as a currency" philosophy that the company seems really intent to push, then it's great for that. If you don't really use those features and aren't interested in it, then it's not for you. For me, the ammunition is the product, and they were just the way to get it. They seem intent on their service, their website being the product, with ammunition as a part of that service, and I'm not really interested in that. If you want ammo the cheapest with no fuss no muss, just buy in bulk elsewhere and be done. A few positives: 1. Site takes a little to understand, but it works well 2. Always seemed like they were being transparent 3. Good brands for their suppliers Just overall does what is advertised. But for me, there's no reason to do this.

Christopher M / East Patchogue, NY

I ship my crates annually and love getting so many boxes of freedom in the mail all at once!

Jack G / Onsted, MI

I am grateful for Ammo Squared making an automatic ammo budget a reality. Bravo!! Fantastic service!!

Joseph G / CAMPO, CA

I love getting ammo every month. Good quality fast shipping. They use good packaging, very secure.

Matt O / Spencerport, NY

AmmoSquared is a really unique and amazing service and this shipment arrived just in time for Christmas! Thank you!

Kirby T / Prattville, AL

Excellent service! Excellent product!

William S / KERRVILLE , TX

Even though my rare caliber was discontinued I was able to add another caliber to complete my crate. I was pleased with the assortment of brands and grains in the 9MM and more than happy with my large game rifle rounds. I will continue to use the service and get my father on board with a crate for him for Christmas.

Ryan C / Rockton , PA

Ease, speed, and accuracy are the quickest way I can sum up this review. Ammo Squared is onto something big and I will be along for the entire ride.

Austin B / Port Washington , WI

Love stocking up on one of my favorite calibers.


I love this service!!! I have it set to auto ship when I hit free shipping … received it today! Merry Christmas to me :))




I love this program ended up getting two boxes so far up some very high end ammo even the practice ammo is high grade. Said it and forget it until you want it

Noah D / Riverton, UT

Loving my experience. The flexibility is fantastic. And I'll never say no to a CRATE DROP!

Ned H / West Jordan, UT

It took me awhile to figure out how it worked. I received my first shipment without any problems. Thanks

Michael R / Tucson, AZ

Got my pew pew juice tonight... can't wait for the next range! And shipment!

Luke H / Stafford, VA

I have been very impressed with this service thus far. My shipment went out the same day I authorized it and actually showed up a day early. I particularly like how I can keep track of my crates. Lastly, I really like the ability to divide up my payments amongst different calibers, and change it rapidly.

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

Thankful for our troops, Thankful for America, Thankful for AmmoSquared.

William V / Brookeville, MD

Easy tracking, all Ammo arrived without delay, properly packed, sealed and with 3 types of 9mm practice Ammo

Tim P / Cochranton, PA

Great way to stock up on ammo

Rich G / Blanchard, ID

Great way to stock up on ammo. Easy process that fits my budget.

Matthew A / Schertz, TX

I absolutely enjoy this program and process. It is easy and convenient. When I do have questions the staff is available and always willing to help me and guide me. I have a high degree of confidence in AmmoSquared and trust them to do the right thing and deliver a high quality product and service.


Experience so far has been good. Building a crate and allocating etc was a little confusing at first, and I think some of the UI is a little clunky. But overall it's been a good experience, and I like building up ammo in the background while I go about my life. Of course, always have some in hand...but this has been a great way for me to build up a nice reserve without having to think about it. This way, you always have more coming down the pike.


I received several shipments now and I'm never disappointed. I like the mixed bag of brands. No more searching multiple sites to compare prices.

Robert E / Lufkin, TX

Always reliable and fast service. Perfect way to build up a supply of ammo without breaking the bank.


If you haven’t started this service, than what are you waiting for

Victor A / Lakeland, FL

Slight delay due to hurricane Ian but was like an early Christmas gift when package was handed to me.


I'm on my fourth or fifth shipment and have no thoughts about ending my subscription. Every shipment has come a fair assortment of 'staples' (Blazer Brass and PMC Bronze) and a couple other brands (Speer Lawman and American Sniper this time, it seems?). Plus, with the way we can adjust our allotments 'on-the-fly' makes it easy to work in a couple boxes of 'special' rounds (match and defense this time). Being able to 'Pause', should the need arise, is pretty nice too. Only thing 'meh' was the sticker selections this time. ;p love ya guys ;)

Ysmael S / Lubbock, TX

2nd shipment received and just as good as the 1st. Set my monthly limit and ship when ready beats going to the store and hunt for ammo


High quality ammo, packed great, arrived on time.... very very happy. Will keep my subscription going for a long long time. You guys are great... thank you!!!

Carl H / Jacksonville, FL

Awesome as always. Thanks

David R / Margate, FL

Never any issues. Shipping is great. Keeping you informed is great as well. I love this subscription.

David B / Bushnell, FL

Everything arrived as expected (again). No issues. For what it's worth, the credit card charges showed up as "Sporting Goods" and UPS delivered it just fine. This may change in the future, but right now, this is working.

Adam J / BEND, OR

Getting my first crate was awesome!!! All the ammunition was top quality manufacturers(including Federal, and Speer), boxes were nicely packed and the free shipping was literally 2 days. All in all I'm a life long member now.

Dominic H / Albuquerque , NM

Experience has been great! Easy to set up. Shipments come super fast!

John S / Sparta, TN

Great company to deal with. Probably the best investment you could make. Fast and easy process all the way around.

Kirby T / Prattville, AL

20 more 30-06 for my Garand! Doesn't get any better than that. They'll be gone this weekend!


Convenient and it saves me money and time.

George S / Springtown , TX

Found you on Gab, thought that I would try your service. Impressed by the quality of the ammo and how easy the site works.


Hassle free buying, selling, returns and shipping. Will continue to do business with them.

Dillon K / Brookfield, WI

Its outstanding. I feel like I'm being gifted and it's not even my birthday! It's so easy and convenient. I even shipped this one early and boom, it was here before expected.

Mark M / Lees Summit, MO

I'm very happy to be an investor and customer of Ammo Squared and quite pleased with my recent delivery.

Abraham M / Bozeman, MT

My second crate (and with free shipping) with Ammo^2. I find myself missing the old feature of giving ammo preferences when possible, but the website upgrades are phenomenal! Service is amazing! I love the ammo selection, and capability to “bank” calibers during an ammo apocalypse/scare. I look forward to the buy ammo under a set price feature. The range ammo in 9, 40, and 45 is always top notch. Please continue to ship PMC(my fav). I was a little disappointed in the selection of defense ammo this time around. I know they try to ship a balance of good hyper ammo with cheaper hollow points and mix it up (it’s only fair). I love experimenting with new rounds. But I received an unusual amt of Sierra outdoor master. 5 of 8 boxes… I was hoping for a a better mix or even a magical 50rd box of HSTs, especially in .40. But on the bright side, I did get some epic Underwood max expansions, Barnes XPDs, and of Sig V crowns (blemished rounds are a steal.). I think I might shift back to range ammo for my next crate and 9mm SD and wait till stocks normalize. Thank you Ammo^2 for all your hard work!

Timothy H / Landisville, PA

its like Christmas morning every time i get a package from the folks at ammosquared. They package everything well and I feel more patriotic and republican with every order.

David Y / Thiells, NY

I was recommended by a friend and quickly signed up as I found this service to be an easy and simple solution to traditional bulk buys. I was looking forward to my first shipment, but ended up disappointed. I ordered 23 boxes of .223/5.56, 21 no green tip and 2 boxes of regular to try out. On the website these were listed as different categories with two different prices. I was expecting two different products as I paid slightly more for the regular over the no green tip selection. To my disappointment, I received 23 boxes of all the same .223 PMC bronze 55 FMJ. When I contacted customer support thinking it was a mistake, I was told it was intentional and to get the rounds I expected for the higher price I had paid, I would have to ship more than 2 boxes to be sent 5.56 PMC, and then more than 4 boxes to be sent 5.56 62 gr green tips. Though a rarer issue, as customers don’t typically order a smaller shipment of a specific product category, I don’t think it should be overlooked, as it is not fair to be charged more and receive the same product. A simple notification at the shipment checkout telling you that you need to order more to be sent the proper category of round would be extremely helpful and avoid this issue. After I received that initial response from customer support, Dan, the CEO and Co-Founder, personally followed up with me. He understood and addressed this issue and has since changed the pricing and now “no green tip” and “regular” .223 are the same price as he explained you do get some of the same product. His response was professional and the change to the website pricing was very much appreciated. Though I was disappointed with my first shipment, the response from the Dan showed care and concern to address the issue going forward. Overall, I highly recommend ammo squared. The concept of obtaining rounds at a budget you can afford over time is brilliant.

David C / Paintsville , KY

First crate from ammo squared very happy with it thanks

Kelan B / South Shore, SD

Great box of ammo...thanks!

Samuel C / RAYMOND, NH

Such a great way to accumulate more ammo and not break the bank

Anthony S / Grand Rapids, MI

Arrived fast and perfectly packed

Robert G / RUSTON, LA

I’m no trophy hunter but Ammo2 was very clear that in the effort to get low cost and high quality ammo they will have to mix manufactures. I used to work at the LGS with indoor range and all the ammo I have received is the same ammo we sold. Quality brands that go bang and hit the target with every trigger pull.

Danny G / Portland, OR

I am continually impressed with the efficiency of the Ammo Squared shipping crew. Always quick and accurate. Well done...

Robert M / Staffordsville , KY

I am happy with my ammo. This is my second shipment. It's easy to get ammo without searching the web and paying shipping for multiple orders.


Saves me time, energy and money!!! If you are not signed up with ammo squared don’t even bother talking to me

John M / Tallassee, AL

Absolute junk. I waited a year for this. Every box is different. I don't shoot at the range with different grains or mixed boxes. I am a trophy hunter and can not go off on hunts with junk ammo. I have no use for this ammo. Super super disappointed with this company. Nothing but a hassle. Maybe I can find someone who wants some free crap. What a waste of time and money.

Randy F / Peoria, AZ

2nd shipment. Delivery was super quick. Who doesn’t love receiving ammo!? Awesome subscription based company. Highly recommended.

Felipe C / Henderson , NV

Great selection and quick shipping

Zachary S / Cooleemee, NC

This is my third shipment. They always have a great variety and types of ammo. I will continue to be a loyal customer!

Tyler S / Bridgeport, TX

First crate shipment so I hit the ship button as soon as it was eligible for free shipping. I’m pleased with the ammo! Looking forward to the next round.

Antonio A / Luling, TX

I was very happy with am delivering and it also arrived a day early

Joseph R / Albuquerque, NM

Love it. So easy to use. Set it and forget it. Free shipping

Thomas M / SUMNER, IA

This is my first ammo shipment! Looking forward to many others in the future. Need to get my scope sighted-in and this will definitely help?

Simon C / Huntingdon , PA

Love my subscription!

Corey G / Waveland , IN

Convinced ... thanks

Michael S / SPARKS, NV

Great service to have. You’ve got ammo notifications are great. Beats checking the local shelves for what may not be there.

Richard B / Covington, GA

Been using them for 2 years now. Awesome subscription. I set my amount and what kind of ammo I want. I wait till I hit free shipping and I get a bunch of ammo!! Who doesn’t like that. This isn’t my only form of ammo buying but I like this one to stock up on a regular interval. They have great service. And have sent me free stickers as well as a hat once! Couldn’t recommend them more. I tell all my friends! Now I need to go shoot some of these!

Richard S / Taunton, MA

Always very helpful and responsive in answering my questions. Very much appreciated.

Joseph S / Crossroads, TX

I first heard about ammo squared when i invested in it a couple years ago. I have loved this service and recommended it to several of my gun toting friends. I hate looking for ammo online and in stores, this website has been a fantastic way to build up my stockpile without any effort. Auto shipping trigger at the dollar amount i want and it shows up at my door. I recommend this to anyone who wants fair prices and exceptional service!

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

Always great ammo at a great price.

Keith P / Xenia, OH

It's always an exciting day when the Ammosquared shipment arrives! Great service especially for folks who don't have a lot of time. Love the hat so I had to buy it, and the stickers were free in the box!

Tim M / Springfield , IL

Great first shipment!! Love seeing what is added to my crate and great shipping time!

Ronnie M / Wetumpka, AL

Love it! This is my first crate I've received. It's nice being able get what I need without having to have a lot of money up front. Ammo Savings Bank is what I call it. Add a little money every month, and you have a stock pile being built up. The ammo is good. And I have even compared prices with other retailers, and I came out with more ammo than if I had purchased from another retailer. Highly recommend!

James S / Griffithsville, WV

This is my second crate and I couldn’t be happier with the diversity of brands that come in the box. I have tried to get my friends to try it but they haven’t committed(still trying).

Jeston L / WARDEN, WA

Free shipping is the best!

Dylan C / Dahlonega, GA

All ammo and great value


Big Fan of Ammo Squared!!! At first I was a little skeptical on the whole idea of purchasing all of the different types of ammunition I need, paying for it but not physically being able to see or touch my purchase. But it works for me especially with my recent temporary move into a very much smaller unit. Where actual storage space is very limited, I just set myself a comfortable amount im willing to pay monthly for my ammunition needs and if 1 month I decide to raise the amount and drop a nice chunk of change into my collection the option is available. I wish I could send them the ammunition I purchased through the years to store before I found Ammo Squared!!!

Dewaren J / Winter Haven , FL

It’s a great service they offer…vert user friendly website and ordering process. Ammo comes securely packed and a matter of days after requesting to be shipped. I really wish I knew about Ammo Squared way sooner.


Ammo delivered fast, good quality thanks

Howard T / Mapleton, IL

Absolutely love it. Got my first crate in today. Will definitely keep doing this. Great way to build up over time. Very satisfied.

Anthony S / Grand Rapids, MI

Once Shipped it arrived fast

Robert M / New Haven, WV

Been with Ammo Squared since 2016, no other way I would want to buy ammo! Thanks!

Gerald M / Cairo, IL

Dan is the man. What more can I say.

Arthur W / Murfreesboro, TN

Fabulous. Love ammo squared. I’ve told all my law enforcement friends about it.

Verdell W / Hampton , VA

I love how easy this was. Not the easiest website to navigate. But my experience has been nothing but positive.

Matt O / Spencerport, NY

AmmoSquared has quickly become my favorite way to buy ammo. Its easy, fun, unique, and always exciting to get a giant box of ammo. The budgeting and ammo allocation is just a really clever way to simplify my ammo purchases without breaking the bank or chasing after deals. Thanks AmmoSquared!

William N / Liberty, NC

I love the ability to collect ammo while not having to always spend hours searching multiple websites for ammo I'm searching for. Also if you are on a budget this is the best option. The ability to have several shipping options is nice. Prices are reasonable compared to current market prices. The variety of ammo selection is incredible. The website is very user friendly. I've had 3 shipments so far and no issues in that department. Kind and friendly customer service. I highly recommend the service. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Wayne W / Lyons, GA

It was my 1st time receiving ammo and it was AWESOME!!! The ammo is top quality and I plan on being a long time customer!!

Richard S / Greenfield , WI

Great products, packed great. One of the best things on the internet. 😀

Clinton W / ASKOV, MN

3rd crate I have received. Awesome place to shop always excellent quality

Johnny W / CHESNEE, SC

Quality ammunition!!! I’m really impressed!!!

Gerard P / Sterling, PA

No problem with shipment. Nice package, and fast delivery.

Michael K / Reno, NV

Quick, and timely like always

Daniel S / Eldridge, MO

My first shipment. Awesome

Roger H / Fayetteville, WV

Glad to know there ammo squared and I don’t have to shop around and hope I find what I need

Kerry H / Irvine , CA

Received my very first crate yesterday, and I am super happy with the ammo got! It is very easy to use their website, from changing to different types of ammo in your crate, to having it shipped to you couldn’t be easier! Thank you! Kerry

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

Love it , Say No More.

Jonathan S / Lancaster, PA

Have been a subscriber from this AmmoSquared for a few years. Sadly with a daughter on the way I have to drop my monthly subscription price but the best thing is, there is NO MINIMUM monthly subscription price! I slowly be buy ammo and getting it shipped! :)

Charles C / Frankston , TX

Definitely the easiest way to purchase and keep your ammo supply stocked.

Everett V / glendale, WI

Shipped two crates so far and have had no issues with either. Both arrived on time, and in pristine condition and quality mfgrs. Will definitely be continuing my subscription!

Ian M / Foxboro, MA

Solid selection of some premium ammos. I love how it allows me to find what rounds work best with my weapons and for my needs so I know what to buy.


I just received my first shipment from AmmoSquared. I am very happy and want to thank Graham Baates for telling us about your great service on his YouTube channel.

Joseph H / Eden, NC

Absolutely love the experience I have had with using AmmoSquared! Very reliable and amazing deals on Ammo!!!


Great service. Always a great selection of ammo regardless of caliber. Customer service is 2nd to none. I have just about filled up my allocated "ammo shelf" in our small apartment so the "store and hold" option is an absolute God send at the moment. Also, being able to buy an additional box of some calibers every week is a fantastic feature. Highly recommend.

Joseph L / MALCOLM, NE

Love tbe name brand quality ammo.

Ysmael S / Lubbock, TX

Decided to try after YouTube reviews got my first shipment today and I'm satisfied gonna keep my subscription active and pile it up

Adam H / Cornwall, PA

When I first read about ammosquared I was skeptical. Ammo coming to my door with a budget friendly plan? Sounded too good. Well it's 100% real and you will get sought-after ammo such as .44 magnum hunting, .22-250, and .308 medium game. Excellent company, packaged super well. Going to be subscribing for a long long time!!

James S / Morgantown, WV

Few things make me as happy as opening my shipment from ammo squared. Today was one of those days. Great quality and variety of ammo. Shipping was fast and easy to track. Can't wait to build up my crate for the next shipment.

Jeremy D / Chicago, IL

A "set it and forget it" service! Quality ammo at a good price and at the convenience of automatic shipping.


5 stars no doubt!!!!! Even with a small shipment of only 5 boxes of ammo, I received 3 different brands. All ammo is new, no remanufactured ammo. If you enjoy shooting a large variety of ammo I would highly recommend this service

Ralph V / Grove City, OH

Have been with AmmoSquared for about a year now and I could not be happier with their service. Good prices on ammo and I can put back a little every month and when I hit my trigger for shipping it comes to my doorstep. It’s like Christmas every couple of months! The few times that I had some problems with the service, customer service was amazing and fixed the problem immediately. Looking forward to many years of stashing away ammo.


Easy to use and very quick. Wonderful options.

Dennis M / AVILLA, IN

Very convenient, but the multiple brands of shells are what I found odd. May that be part of the agreement.

Carl H / Jacksonville, FL

Love getting these shipments. Thanks

Colton G / Washington, PA

This is my 5th crate so far, love having a subscription service that I can set and forget to have ammo delivered to my door when I want.

Joshua R / Griffin, GA

Another great shipment

Alan F / Woodbridge, NJ

Another great restocking!!

John B / Drexel Hill, PA

Super easy and very little effort . Ammo² keeps you well informed of whats going on with your account .

Bryan K / prairie du chien, WI

Awesome experience! Don't even have to think about my ammo! My ammo was shipped to my door in seven days!


Fantastic service- both in concept, as well as interaction. Every shipment resupplies what has gotten used on range trips as well as 'speciality' rounds to set aside for 'shoot and see'. Ammo squared is the next best thing to brick-and-mortar, but without the elitist attitude that is unfortunately all too common in gun stores. (Tip: if you turn on browser Push Notifications, it's a lot like getting unexpected seratonin micro-doses.)


Ready for the weekend holiday! Bring it on! Great prices & quick shipping. A great opportunity to try out ammo that I would not typically purchase.

Dante B / Brookhaven , PA

Great service fast shipping. Can’t wait to try these rounds out 👍

Lance S / Shoshoni , WY


juan h / PASADENA, TX

Nice and quick

Lawrence L / Red Oak, TX

I have been with you guys almost year. Everything always go smoothly and it's like Christmas every time I get a shipment.

Ryan G / Buxton, ME

I jumped on board when Ammosquared was just getting started. Ive been very pleased with my experience and the crew is happy to help, no matter what the situation is. I just received 2100 rounds of ammo today, and look forward to my next shipment! Thanks Ammosquared !!!


21lbs of brass and lead delivered straight to my door. Ammo2 is my go to from now on. Could not be happier. Thank you!

Evan B / Jackson , OH

I didn't know what to expect exactly. But when it arrived I was very happy. I got several different brands and types of ammo. Which I like to be able to try different grains of bullets and bullet types which they gave me a variety. Highly recommend. I'll be telling more people. Keep up the good work and provide a variety of ammo and I'll continue my monthly subscription!!!

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

The Best AMMO Buying Decision I Ever Made.

Tim J / Marysville , KS

This is a great way to accumulate affordable ammunition and shipping was very fast!

Darren B / Salem, OR

I love watching my inventory grow, and getting it shipped was fast and easy! I’m already looking forward to my next shipment!

Isaac S / El paso, TX

Not the best picture but not going to lie I was a little skeptical of doing ammo square . I didn’t do much research that’s the only reason. But I went with my gut and did it. And man I’m am so happy I did. You guys rock everything came that you guys said was coming. And it’s super easy to get shipped I have save and hold for me with 1 push of a button and it was getting shipped I requested my crate to be shipped on Monday and it got here on Friday. I am definitely referring ammo squared to my friends and letting them know. 100/10 would recommend!!!

Mark F / Firestone, CO

Shipped in a timely manner, good selection of ammo.

Jose A / Mount Arlington, NJ

Best decision I ever made when it comes to ammo. I pay monthly what I can afford, have it securely stored until I need them shipped to me. I take advantage of the free shipping whenever possible so I don't ship till I have over $250 worth of ammo already in storage. My 1st shipment just arrived and couldn't be more happier. Everything was securely packaged and shipping was quick.. and best of all free 😉👍.

Lloyd M / Asheboro , NC

The shipment was packed well

Rhymon G / San Antonio, TX

Another great shipment from Ammo squared. Great quality ammo at a decent price, with free shipping over $250. I will continue to subscribe for all my ammo needs

Kirk A / Timberlake , NC

I just got my first Ammosquared shipment, the ammo was all top name brand, quality ammo!

Daniel U / Germantown, MD

Love getting a big box of ammo! Good brands decent prices and free shipping if you wait. Stack it.

kristopher n / sergeant bluff, IA

My dad started using this service, trying too find ammo has gotten easier but still is tough and alot of places are limiting you on how many you can buy etc this is nice. Pay weekly bi-weekly monthy however you want and just let them do the work. Collect the ammo and then collect your ammo. Its simple and easy more places neeeeed to be like this !

Anthony A / Waynesboro, VA


Clinton L / Midland, TX

Love this program! Setup your crate, automatically give $x per month and let it grow! They do all the footwork finding the deals.

Fred L / Mukwonago, WI

Another awesome shipment of ammo! Reasonable pricing and good selection as usual, looking forward to the next delivery.

Paul C / Centre Hall, PA

As always my ammo shipment makes me smile 😊

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

Time for some "LEAD THERAPY".

Jonathon M / ORANGE CITY, FL

Couldn’t wait to get home and open the shipment!! Shocked to see some boxes of green tip. Love it!! Can’t wait for my next crate to ship! Keep the ammo comin folks!!

Kenneth M / EULESS, TX

Great quality ammo with over time payment. All good.

Erik F / Chippewa Falls, WI

Ammo Squared is hands down my favorite way to purchase ammo. The variety that I receive is amazing! I love seeing brands that I can’t find locally. A++++++++++

Donald M / Bartlett, TN

Another well packed and quick shipment! Thanks!

Gordon P / Farmville, NC

Best ammo service out there!!!! Great selection of products, really good prices and 99% of the time (nobody’s perfect) has product on hand to put in the crates.

Christopher W / Henderson, TX

I love Ammo squared! I wish I could buy up ammo a bit more frequently, but I am still happy with their service

Terrance C / West Henrietta, NY

Easy, and feels good to receive shipment

Christopher H / LAS CRUCES, NM

Awesome rounds! Can't even find these in stock anywhere!

Michael R / Orrville, OH

A great way of buying ammo with a limited budget.

Christopher H / LAS CRUCES, NM

Easiest way to buy ammo and save time and money driving around or calling around to see if there is anything in stock. Love it! I only wish I knew about ammosquared sooner.

Dwight C / Garden City, ID

I've been a Ammo2 customer for a long time now. And while my subscription is relatively small its a great automatic way to keep my ammo supply stocked. It really adds up fast and the different types of ammo are always fun.

Dustin H / Bolivar, MO

Easiest way to buy ammo! Set it and forget it...until you get a shipping notification, then happy dance!


Shipping was quick. Ammo was packages tightly to prevent it from moving. Box is mostly discreet other than the company name on the label. Good mixture of high quality manufacturers. Federal/Hornady etc. all ammo was accounted for and I couldn’t be happier.

Daniel W / Riverside, CA

Best Ammo stock pile service ever. I heard about AmmoSquared back in 2015/2016 in one of the local forums, at first I was skeptical, having been taken on a few wild "rocket hub crowdfunding" trips - I only wished I had signed up in 2015, and not just a year ago. I love being able to get and store what calibers I shoot, and not have to worry about storing it all in a closet I cant get to (because wife's sewing machine is blocking it) Great service!!!

Dewaren J / Winter Haven , FL

Love Ammo Squared!! Keeping my ammo stock looking good year round!

Austin M / Saluda , NC

Best way to build up ammo without ever having to go to a store.

Brandt M / Plankinton, SD

Great company!! Quick shipping and always top notch ammunition. I’ve always gotten a good mix of common ammunition I’ve shot before and know along with a few boxes of new ammunition I’ve never shot or heard of. Love this company and the business they offer.


I received my shipment yesterday and I couldn't be happier! I'm proud to be a stockholder!!!

Jerry M / Jeffersonville, IN

I love when my shipment shows up. Generally it packed well and the quality of the ammo has been good. Also l love my grey hat from another shipment so I picked up your new one. Also super nice to select your calibers and wait for them to be added to your crate. I do wish there was a better way to monitor your queued ammo.

Josh W / Mindoro, WI

Excellent service and a perfect place to get the harder to find ammo. Love getting 50 beowolf and 300 AAC from you guys. I recommend your site to everyone i know.

Joel W / Fort White, FL

I love ammosquared and the idea how it's easy to rack up ammo but this shipping needer work. The box they sent it in was an okay since but was not strong enough to handle ups this time and came open in the truck before I got it. Also some of the other boxes inside got wet even though the outside box didnt seem that wet. Was not super happy about that but all my ammo that was supposed to be there was. Needs a thicker box may be a bigger box and extra tape or other securement method.

Osvaldo S / Highlands, TX

I was really excited expecting my first shipment! Glad to be a subscriber, customer and investor of Ammo2! Looking forward to banking some more ammunition to support our fun family plinking, range practice and target shooting. To all the folks at Ammo2, keep up the great work!

Matthew H / Parma, OH

I wish the ammo was bagged, it was raining the day it was delivered so it got a bit wet.

Dominic H / Albuquerque , NM

This was my first order! Well worth it for anyone looking to subscribe.

Ivan / Naples, FL

Love it so much

George R / Ridgeville, SC

This is my first shipment. It arrived quickly and contained what I wanted. What a great way to buy ammo!

Josh W / Lyles, TN

Ammo arrived quickly and neatly packaged. I even recieved a few boxes of hollow point ammo instead of the regular "practice" ammo i got. I thought it was some mistake and checked the order slip. It even showed it on the order slip. I really like that i dont have to drive around looking for ammo. I only wish that i had known about it sooner! I've already told all my friends about Ammo Squared, and showed them my inventory and how the interface works.

James S / Griffithsville, WV

Just received my first ammo crate and I am excited to start this adventure. I love that different brands were shipped for the same caliber.

Manuel R / Broomfield , CO

My first order won't be my last Thank you

Zachary S / Cooleemee, NC

They are fantastic! This is my 2nd shipment from them. I love the variety of different loads that they choose!

William P / Carson City, NV

110% satisfaction. Cheaper than my local retailers, quicker shipping than most online options, and flexibility that I've found no where else. It was weird at first, but the flexibility and utility of this quickly won me over.

Richard B / Covington, GA

Ammo squared has been a great company to work with. I’ve had a subscription with the for a while and wait until I get free shipping. Had one instance I had to work with customer service and they were awesome super helpful and resolved my issue right away. They have thrown in a free hat before and this time I got 2 stickers! It’s great getting ammo to show up at your door for a decent price

Brad M / Mount Olive, AL

Absolutely love this company. It’s a great little piggy bank for your ammo.

Brian B / Washington, PA

Super service.Great way to get what you need.Thanks

Michael R / Tucson, AZ

Super convenient. A little spendier than I'd like, but I understand there is overhead. And the whole "set it and forget it" model is worth the extra pennies.

Rex O / Bonney lake, WA

This site is confusing and not user friendly. I have tried to make this site work for me but I can not understand it. I am done.

Lacey T / Smyrna, DE

Great shipment other than the lack of 10mm

Brian S / Tiverton, RI

Another fine shipment. Thanks for the 124 grain.👍👍 Way Up!!!

Kyle David J / Aurora, CO

My first shipment just arrived today! Can't wait to hit the range, thanks a bunch.

Darryl H / Mount Vernon, NY

Quick delivery! Quality products!

John A / Cabot, AR

I must say I was a little skeptical on what I was going to be delivered and even if the company would deliver. I assumed all ammo would just cheap range ammo which does have its place. When I received the box and noticed brass I was very impressed. Adding everything up seems spot on to me and especially not having to pay multiple taxes, fees and shipping cost trying to gather all the different ammo I need.

Robert W / Montgomery, TX

Ammo squared is an easy alternative to searching for ammo online or going to big box store and not knowing how much ammo will cost this time around. It’s convenient to set your monthly limit and watch your ammo stash build up every month plus free shipping when you have $250 or more available in your crate.

Nick B / Shippensburg, PA

Fast and free shipping. This service is amazing. It’s like a 401k for ammo.

Rick d / Lebanon, OH

First delivery,been using hold and store. Everything went smooth!


This was my first shipment. All the brands and rounds were about the type expected. If you are wanting specific brands, grain weights, etc, you would probably need to buy elsewhere. But you can still get good match rounds or specific 308 rounds etc if you select Hunting rounds. Just read up on the FAQ to explain more about these particulars and options and limitations.

Sylvester B / Greensboro, NC

Love u guy and everything that u do

Dillon K / Brookfield, WI

Love Ammo2. I started from the beginning with investing in this company. I haven't regretted it a bit. I'm always informed and feel that what is being done is true and honest. YAY!! ammo. Got my crate today,1000 rds. Super-fast shipping and since it was a large amount it shipped for free, what's better than that! Looking forward to the next crate. It feels like Christmas!!!

Jon M / Marietta, GA

Awesome company! I just got my first (but definitely not my last) shipment of ammo. There was a slight technical glitch during the last step of the order process but Kristy took care of it right away and there was no delay in getting me my entire order. I've already told 2 friends about it who I'm sure will be signing up soon.

Benjamin M / Pittsburgh, PA

Been a customer for over a year now and love this company. Fast shipping, all the options available, and if you need to call them you talk to a really nice person. 100% would recommend!

Darin H / Spanaway, WA

What ammo shortage

James E / Columbia, TN

Another awesome crate delivery! I love unpacking them.

Joe B / Collierville, TN

I had my shipment threshold set for $250 so as to get free shipping. Everything worked as advertised, and I didn't have to do anything after setting the threshold. No hassle and the ammo showed up at my door a few days later. Great service!

Bryan G / Terre Haute, IN

Live it!

Andrew S / Oswego, IL

What a fantastic service! I like setting a monthly budget, adjusting the mix of calibers from time to time, and then simply clicking to have it delivered to my door! These past two years have been stressful, driving store to store, hunting for ONE box of ammo under allocation restrictions. But no longer! I have an ammo squared account! And now I’m ready to hit the range this spring!

Joseph L / MALCOLM, NE

Got a variety of 45acp and 9mm. It was all quality ammo. Every box but one was Brass. One was aluminum. Curious to see how it feeds. It is Blazer so I am confident it will run well. My 1st shipment surpassed expectations.

Kenneth M / EULESS, TX

Fast Shipping, and well packaged. Nice concept with pay as you go. Great All Around Experience!

Robert Neal R / HEALDSBURG, CA

My shipment arrived in pretty good shape. The only issue was with the ammo that was packaged in plastic. The thin plastic cases broke open and I had to retrieve several rounds that were laying at the bottom of the shipping box. Other than that, all good!

Eric N / Monmouth, IL

Love the idea and have been very satisfied with ammo squared just wish calibers allocated quicker but that's more with the time we're living in

Gregory H / Caldwell, OH

Easy to do and I always get ammo.

David K / Jacksonville, OR

Love Ammo Squared ! Set it & forget it ( for a little while ! ) , next thing you know , you got ammo ! Sure is fun to check your account & see that ammo supply building up , & when you're ready to order , they box it up real securely , & get it right out to you ! Love it !

Eric G / Keyesport, IL

Fast free shipping (when over $250) fantastically packaged so it always arrives in great shape. Also really digging the GI JOE style sticker.

Bob B / Mayer, MN

I really like your service and USA ammo

Terrance C / West Henrietta, NY

Easy. Set a budget. Collect. Never run out again.

Nicholas E / Dunkirk, NY

My first shipment..very pleased with all the selections by Ammo²...can't wait for my crate to build up again for another shipment..shipping took about a week but that's to be expected during these Covid days...awesome company!


I love that ammosquared always goes the extra mile fore their customers, sending not 1 or 2 but 3 stickers with my purchase! Thanks for everything you do for your customers. God bless America! 🇺🇸

Anthony A / Waynesboro, VA

Quality ammo! Love the crate idea!

Robert D / Oak Harbor, WA

Very reliable and priced very competitively. Ammo squared is a great solution for stocking up on Ammo.

Juan C / miami, FL

Loved my first purchase. With the ammo prices nowadays is hard to build a small arsenal for range days and personal defense. AmmoSquared is changing that game. Their prices are competitive and you can build your crate with overtime payments. Great company, great service, fast shipping, it’s overall amazing!!!

Donovan C / Denver, CO

Love the concept of it. Only complaint i got is the how slow the ammo in my crate stacks up. I know the ammo market is a mess... hopefully soon all that will balance out

Carlos Y / Keene, TX

Outstanding Customer service! Highly recommend!! 🇺🇸

zachary b / Belgium, WI

Second shipment and everything looks great! Hopefully get some Winchester one of these times 🥳

Jonathan B / Jackson, GA

I’ve been with Ammo Squared for YEARS and absolutely love it. My crates are set to $20 week and it’s automatically deducted from my bank each Friday (payday) then after a couple months it hits the $250 shipping trigger and bam! Tons of ammo at my door. We do a lot of target shooting and this keeps me resupplied without breaking the bank with some lump sum purchase at Academy Sports or Bass Pro. The customer service and quick response to emails is also awesome! Usually have same day responses.


I was a little skeptical that it was as easy as the website says. I set my amount and every two weeks ammo was added. Once I hit my shipping trigger I got a notice that it could ship. I ok’d the shipment and was able to pay the difference to top off another box of ammo so that would ship also. It shipped really quick and when I got it it was packaged extremely well with some stickers also! Instead of going out and shopping for ammo I can waste time on other stuff.

Ryan S / Mooresville, NC

Fast shipping, great service!


The stickers alone make me a happy customer.

Michael V / PHOENIX, AZ

I love the way I can pick and choose my ammo and decide when to ship my crate and the convenience of payment method automatically

Jason T / Concord, VA

Ammosquared makes buying ammo easy. This includes the action of buying it and the money involved. The web interface is easy to use and understand. The free shipping option takes one of the big drawbacks out of online ammo purchasing out of the picture. I'm looking forward to my next crate shipment!

Henrik O / Myrtle Beach, SC

Great way to to build up your ammo stockpile, especially in last couple of years where its hard to come by in your local stores, without being overcharged for what little they have. The selection of "rare" rounds is also a big plus, super easy allocation selection, and you can always change the allocation % between selected rounds, as your crate filles up. So when you have enough pratice rounds change to more defensive rounds or other caliber :-)

Devine P / Winter Haven , FL

Very pleased with the whole process. Having ammo in stock with there being a shortage everywhere else is amazing. Shipping was quick!!!!

Timothy C / Beaverton, OR

Fast Shipping, and well packaged! Great All Around Experience!

Robert K / Hickory, NC

Good experience so far - really like that I can "set it and forget it" and then next thing you know there's an assortment of ammunition at my doorstep.

Joshua R / Griffin, GA

Easy and fast absolutely love it

Joe F / Ellijay, GA

Best monthly investment I’ve made!! AmmoSquared gathers my rounds….I send them down range!! God Bless America!!

James E / San antonio , TX

Fast shipping good price

Arturo C / Denver, CO

This is the 5th or 6th shipment I’ve received from you guys. Every one of them has been flawless and quick. I like the new website it’s very intuitive. Keep up the good work. I tell all my gun friends about you guys. Thank you

Brian D / Columbus, OH

Awesome subscription service! I love getting different ammo to try. If you have any issues they’ll work with you to make it right. I’ve been very happy with it. And when I’m broke it’s not a big deal to set it to $0. Lol

James D / Walton, KY

It came right around Christmas so i was like a kid getting a big present. Shipping was free since I exceeded $250 on crate value.

Drew S / Greer, SC

It's awesome

James E / Columbia, TN

I’ve been a member since the very beginning, and I love everything about AmmoSquared. From the site upgrades, to the ammo selection, to the amazing customer service, it’s the absolute best!

Javier G / Corpus Christi , TX

This is actually my first crate that I build and I was actually impressed I set a comfortable payment per week and I set it and forget and just waited for my crate to build… I will definitely do this rather than going to the stores daily

Clint S / Baton Rouge, LA

Set it and forget it service! Select the ammo you want, how much and just watch it roll into your crate. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and I've highly recommended it to ALL my friends.

Dylan K / Moscow , ID

I’m very glad I decided to try this subscription

Chris J / Belfast, ME

Very nice to have a steady subscription service, prices are not the absolute best but better than you'll find without significant searching and much better than at my LGS. Shortages still occurring though, unfortunately.

Ryan S / Mooresville, NC

Love the service! No worries anymore about whether I can find ammo, or hunting around - just set your budget and they take care each month of whatever you need at a great price!

TIMOTHY S / Burnsville , MN

My friend referred me and at first I was reluctant since it took a little time to fill my crate. It arrived on time and brand name 9mm practice ammo. Looking forward to more filled crates!

Blake B / Eldridge, MO

You guys have such an awesome service! Every part of it was amazing. The app is fantastic and shipment was super fast. Keep up the great work!

Adam M / Medford, NY

It never gets old to open up a box filled with ammo! Thanks, as always!

Quinton A / Lithonia, GA

600 rounds! Not a bad score for $25 a month! Thanks ammosquared!

Christopher M / East Patchogue, NY

I love this ‘set it and forget it service’. The monthly subscription model was a great idea and I’m happy I jumped on board. Off to the range!


My first crate. It's small, but I wanted to see what was actually going to be shipped. I'm pretty pleased and will be growing my next crates. Really love that I can set and forget my ammo purchases.


Great shooting ammo!

david c / Castle Hayne, NC

First time receiving my shipment , and I’m very happy with what I got . Let’s keep it going !! FJB

Kevin W / Yorktown, VA

Crazy convenient and a huge selection! Got it in today and am thoroughly impressed! I'll be ordering another crate here soon!

Abraham M / Bozeman, MT

This is my first crate, and I’m impressed. Not only did Ammo2 send me my favorite ammo (PMC). They sent my favorite grain weight in .40. Ammo is in perfect condition and arrived FedEx on the 3rd day! I also picked up a Glock 17Gen5 mag as well for a steal. I reallly love the buy/sell feature because it lets you buy those last few rounds to complete a box. The sierra Self defense ammo that I received look down right effective with huge hollow points. I did get a box of underwood ammo with XTP…. You know underwood is always top quality. Can’t wait to try them out! Will definely keep my subscription. Hopefully, Ammo2 will restore the ammo brand and grain weight request feature once the Covid age has passed. A+

Jeffery W / Chicago, IL

Decent ammo at a decent price. Shipping is quick.

Curtis L / LEBANON, MO

Ammo squared is an awesome deal. Love the worry hassle free way of getting ammo stored up and very fast delivery once ammo has been requested.

Bradley S / Michigan City, IN

LOVE the service. Helps me gather ammo which I would probably not do on my own. Shipping was flawless and the items were better quality than what I anticipated. Looking forward to my next shipment for sure.

Mark S / Gloucester, VA

Started investing in Ammo squared this summer and just received my first shipment. Super easy and convenient not having to drive around hunting for ammo

Christian B / Indian Trail, NC

I love getting the order I asked to be shipped. It feels like Christmas to me. The staff is always so prompt. I enjoy ammo squared so much.

Corey C / Delphos, OH

New shipment of ammo came in! It’s nice to be able to put aside a little each month it’s like Christmas every three months thank you ammo squared

Bradley D / Arcadia, FL

I love this concept. And will continue to be a customer as long as they will have me.

Drew S / Greer, SC

I like it.

Kenneth B / Brookhaven, GA

After notice of shipping via Fedex on Oct 19th, I finally received my package on Nov 16th. The box was almost destroyed with a trail of .22LR ammo from the Fedex truck to my door which fell out of the broken box. In addition my order was shorted by 100 rounds of 9mm FMJ. Price was acceptable but not the best I've seen recently online. Also, no response received from the company after emailing to ask where my shipment was and when it would arrive. Please contact me by phone to resolve this issue.

Ed C / Homosassa, FL

I did not know what to expect I’m my first shipment from ammo squared. I am very happy with the ammo and the brands. Great way to accumulate ammo with out breaking your budget.

Juan Martin R / Falls Church, VA

Easiest way to buy good quality ammo at relatively competitive prices, given the service provided and the great gift of putting my ammo gathering on full auto - the machine gun of ammo buying!!

Arturo C / Denver, CO

Love getting these shipments every couple of months.

Ismael R / Fort Worth, TX

Awesome investment and the most reliable investment. Customer service is accurate and shipping is even more reasonable than others. Thank to the men and women working hard to make this ammo drop happen. 🇺🇲💪💚❤

Tierre B / Saginaw, MI

Love the set and forget service!

Rhymon G / San Antonio, TX

Good quality and on time

Freddie J / MARIETTA, GA

Excellent customer service Ammo brands are consistent Love that the collection builds in the background Highly recommended to ALL my friends

Matt B / Kenedy, TX

I love shipping trigger days

Leeroy G / Nederland, TX

I love this . Pay your monthly amount, let your inventory build and have what you want shipped when you need it.

Marc M / Flint, MI

Always love getting ammo from ammo squared. Lovely experience, and they don’t try to fleece you on the price of ammunition. I’ve been a subscriber of this site for a long while, and every time I get a crate I thank gun Jesus and wish for more!!

Phil H / Lansing, MI


Helen O / Henderson, NV

Helen Oseguera-Thank you for the delivery fast and easy. :)

Terek C / Yuma, AZ

Awesome to get bulk ammo prices over time with a subscription.


Came in right on time, can’t wait to run this ammo! Just in time for range day!

Romar S / Las Vegas, NV

I didn't have high expectations at first. Now that I finally got my first crate. I'm extremely happy!

christian h / TOOELE, UT

Love the service, speedy shipping, and quality ammo!

Delbert D / Geronimo, OK