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Customer Reviews

Luke H / Stafford, VA

As always, a prompt delivery from Ammo2. And this time, it even came with some Christmas swagger! I can appreciate little details like that; it shows that a real person is packed my ammo up.

WARREN M / Wolcott, CT

I love your service. Its so much easier to put $ monthly and watch my Ammo stash grow and have it delivered when I want. Thank you!

Jordan D / Fort Worth, TX

All my ammo was name brands that I have bought in stores and all in good condition with boxes. I had to do the small amount every month until I had an amount that qualified for the free shipping, My Christmas came early!!

Justin E / CLAYTON, CA

I’ve been using AmmoSquared for at least a year now and have already received over 3,000 rounds. This service makes it easy to plan, budget, store and acquire all major ammunition types. I live in California as well. Enough said. Not the friendliest state when it comes to gun owners and sportsman. I recommend AmmoSquared to all my friends and would recommend it to anyone looking to better manage their ammunition needs.

Doyle H / Amarillo, TX

Lest painful ammo purchase I have ever made. A little $$ each month and after a few month, preso a bunch of ammo.

Chris L / Roseville, CA

I had the opportunity to visit the AMMO2 warehouse and was able to meet Dan. What a great guy – like minded and being a fellow Californian, knows full well about the challenges we face in that insane state. The warehouse was impressive and their customer systems are equally over the top due to Dan’s IT experience. I was able to take advantage of some close out specials as well. I highly recommend visiting them in person. I love this concept – so easy to build up an ammo inventory.


Packaged great in 2 unmarked boxes. Couldn't be any happier. Love the auto fund and ship options. Account grows without any thought or worry.

Brad M / Mount Olive, AL

Ammosquared is awesome. I’ve never had anything but excellent service and customer service from them. They are quick to ship and quick to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.

Tyler K / Louisville , KY

This is truly the best decision I’ve ever made. I never bought ammo, but always knew I needed to. Then, my uncle told me about Ammo Squared. I set the weekly amount I wanted to dedicate to ammo, set my account to auto ship, and now I get the best surprise when they come. It has fully stocked me and then some. Definitely would recommend.

Steven S / Red Hook, NY

Christmas came early! It’s always exciting to come home to a box filled with ammo sitting on my front steps. I love the ability to contribute every month to such a diversified portfolio of ammunition calibers and types. No more wasting time at the LGS to drop $35-$50 on a single box of ammo. It’s a set it and forget it type of investment that takes some time to accumulate, but when you reach your threshold, you don’t feel the burden on your wallet like you would buying all at once, or with multiple trips to the gun store.


Excellent way to stockpile ammo of your choice and get it when you want it.

Rexford Y / Arlington, TN

Great Company Great Customer Service Easy, Professional and Worry Free

Jeffrey B / Elizabethtown , IL

Love it simple and easy don't have to spend an arm and a leg and get a few boxes here and there to stock pile

Clark A / Pana, IL

In February 2020, participated in the equity crowdfund campaign. Became a customer shortly after. It is such a painless way to accumulate ammunition offsite with a monthly auto-buy. When I need ammunition, I request a shipment. Couldn’t be simpler!

Joseph J / DAVIE, FL

Amazing shipment with AmmoSquared as they buy the calibers you choose at the time that their team calculates that could be the best time to buy ammo for you, much like when I look at charts. They take the hassle of scouring the market, buying, storing and shipping for you rather than you going to your local store and searching for ammo that they might not even carry or way too much for your budget for bulk. Set when you would like to contribute to your account and how much into the calibers of your choosing and then forget that your even stocking ammo for future range days or even set a shipping point where they send you an approval for shipment and delivery! With options to round up at Market Price for full boxes of ammo, to purchase shipment insurance and even make sure that an actual adult receives your shipment instead of those pesky porch pirates! Fund, invest, and have a safe as well as fun experience!

James F / North Las Vegas, NV

Love it. Easy to use, don't have to worry about finding ammo. Ships when I want and arrives quickly!

Eric V / TAMPA, FL

Love giving my money to ammosquared....been a great experience so far....lets keep it going!

Jeremy I / Baraboo, WI

Exactly as advertised and ships pretty quickly. Have recommended.

Vicki G / Eagar, AZ

This was the very best idea for us gun owners ever! I love I was able to invest in the company only wish I had invested more, as I totally believe in this. Love the ability to decide when I want my ammo and for what gun and how much I want to invest in each caliber. It's been money in the bank as Ammo Squared is cheaper than my home town store! Thanks again for an amazing idea and keeping me stocked up!

Albert F / Rochester , NY

Was very effortless. This service is awesome. I love how I can just put out a little cash weekly and can get it pass the wife. Unlike going to the store and putting out a ton of cash to get your ammo. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!

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