Customer Reviews

William V / Brookeville, MD

Feedback: Excellent fast and accurate manner in correctly gaining the upper edge on munition gathering. Great newsletter information on topics to know what new policies are coming and good all around knowledge base on the library of calibers you provide, including God’s Caliber! The Ease of shipments to doorstep in confidential packaging is appreciated and always accurate in Ammo2 Shipment counts. You successfully make ordering a breeze, fast and the rounds are consistently on target. I’ve never had a misfire, squib, or stove pipe, utilizing the premium powers, brass and lead your chosen manufacturers use, which is extremely accurate when qualifying for required certifications. Thanks Ammo2, for your dedicated service, consistency and professional work ethics. Your determination to provide your clients the best Calibre materials on the market makes your mission a success, which facilitates our efforts to effectively complete our missions. To all your diligent and professional staff, Happy Valentine's Day and best wishes to all of you at Ammo2.

James F / North Las Vegas, NV

Love it. Easy to use, don't have to worry about finding ammo. Ships when I want and arrives quickly!

Brian M / San Diego , CA

Good experience. Quick shipment and 100% accurate.

Alex M / Omak, WA

Love the flexibility and the couple rings I've reached out to customer service they were fantastic.

James H / Radford, VA

I was skeptical at first. so I started with 3 calibers of practice ammo, after receiving my first shipment. I was very impressed. My only complaint is one of the boxes was busted open-- but that really doesn't matter-- the rounds were unharmed..

Edward W / Killeen, TX

Always fast and hassle free shipping. Once a year cash it in, ready for range.

Adrian A / Antioch, CA

Super fast, super easy, great variety! Definitely will recommend

Michael H / Hazel Park, MI

I love ammo squared. Set it and forget it.. and before ya know it, you got a bunch of freedom seeds in your inventory.


A2 has met all my expectations. Delivered as promised. Feeling good because I'm stockpiling at discounted pricing, and ready to RESTORE 45 and protect my family!

Casmere J / Cottrellville , MI

First order went very well.


A great concept. I've been using it for a couple of years and it works great. The products are great and so is the customer service.

Zack B / Middlesex, NC

Love it

Thomas P / Lynn, MA

I've been a member of Ammosquared for a few years now and it's been a great way to stock up on the ammo that I shoot regularly without having to worry that I'll run out. About every 3 months I'll put in for a shipment and get free shipping to my door. As long as they are around, I'll be Member. Any time I have had an issue with ordering, I've called and they were right there to help me out and get my issue resolved. Great Customer Service and fast, well packed packages for shipping. Become a Member today.

Michael N / LONE TREE, CO

Super simple set and forget style of obtaining ammo! Easy to set budget, allocation, and delivery triggers. Been a part of Ammo Squared for about 3 years now and it's the only way I will be getting my ammo for the foreseeable future.

Dallin B / Orem, UT

Incredible experience using ammo squared. I've been wanting a service like this so I could put in money each week and stack ammo that automatically ships to me once it meets my criteria. Absolutely recommend this service to anyone I've been very pleased.

James P / Houston, TX

Prompt shipping and it was free. Can't wait to use my ammo. Thank you!

Matthew A / central, SC

I was unsure of the ammo squared service before, just due to never experiencing this service before. But I am an extremely happy customer now! This is better than investing in the stock market! I will be upping my investment amount as soon as I can

Doug M / Mansfield , OH

We've received 3 crates now from ammosquared, and I can fully state, that its one of the best ammo investing experiences I've had. I recommend it to coworkers and family alike.

Marc W / Rio Rancho, NM

Received my first delivery (6 boxes full of ammo) as expected. The packing wasn't done as well as it could have been...several boxes were broken open (only about 400+rounds or so) and some were so smashed that i ended up putting the rounds in a baggie. Guess I"ll use them first. Other than that, it was a good experience. Ammo prices are 15-20% higher than places like Sportsman's Guide or Palmetto State Armory, but with the free shipping on $250+ and not having to keep it at the house, it balances out pretty much.

David C / Carlsbad, CA

This service uses fair prices. The renewal aspect makes it easy to stockpile without having to buy bulk. I have limited income and in order to stock up I need to strategies my spending. Ammo Squared makes it easy. I don't just set it and forget it. If I need to make changes to my budget the process is simple. Also, they have the best news letters.

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