Customer Reviews

Ricky M / ROGERS, AR

Love when a crate comes in! I like how passive it is!


I love this subscription box. It is a simple and effective way to stock up on ammo that is hard to find at times.

William C / MARICOPA, AZ

First time shipment. I put 20.00 a week down. Set up the allocations and upon my shipment trigger in dollar amount ammo shows up at my door. No Fuss No Muss! Love how automated this is!

Tim M / Springfield , IL

Second shipment and great products. Love the service. Definitely beats going to the stores and having to decide through the limited supply.

Jay F / Mount Sterling, KY

I have been using ammosquared for about 2 years now and it is awesome. I don’t have to go looking for Ammo. I like supporting smaller American run businesses. They make it easy and shipping is fast. Thank you Dan and Danielle for what you do. You all Rock. Jay- Mt Sterling, Ky.


My thoughts after using the service for about six months. There were a few reasons I tried it out: 1. I have limited space so I liked that they store it for you. 2. Their prices were the best I could find at the time. 3. I liked the idea of it automatically building up without any thought required. 4. I don't necessarily care exactly what brand I get, within certain parameters. One by one, those reasons kinda fell away. 1. Even a crate of rifle ammo doesn't take up /that/ much space... and it lasts a long time. 2. Others are beating their prices, especially when buying in bulk...and you get it immediately as opposed to having to wait an indeterminate amount of weeks for your ammo to allocate (yes, I understand why they use that system). 3. It's more mental energy to figure out their crate system and split up how much of your budget goes to what than just hopping online once every 3-6 or whatever months and buy yourself a thousand round crate of ammo of whatever you need and be done with it. 4. Still don't particularly care what brand I get, so I guess this one stays. If you buy into the "ammo as a currency" philosophy that the company seems really intent to push, then it's great for that. If you don't really use those features and aren't interested in it, then it's not for you. For me, the ammunition is the product, and they were just the way to get it. They seem intent on their service, their website being the product, with ammunition as a part of that service, and I'm not really interested in that. If you want ammo the cheapest with no fuss no muss, just buy in bulk elsewhere and be done. A few positives: 1. Site takes a little to understand, but it works well 2. Always seemed like they were being transparent 3. Good brands for their suppliers Just overall does what is advertised. But for me, there's no reason to do this.

Christopher M / East Patchogue, NY

I ship my crates annually and love getting so many boxes of freedom in the mail all at once!

Jack G / Onsted, MI

I am grateful for Ammo Squared making an automatic ammo budget a reality. Bravo!! Fantastic service!!

Joseph G / CAMPO, CA

I love getting ammo every month. Good quality fast shipping. They use good packaging, very secure.

Matt O / Spencerport, NY

AmmoSquared is a really unique and amazing service and this shipment arrived just in time for Christmas! Thank you!

Kirby T / Prattville, AL

Excellent service! Excellent product!

William S / KERRVILLE , TX

Even though my rare caliber was discontinued I was able to add another caliber to complete my crate. I was pleased with the assortment of brands and grains in the 9MM and more than happy with my large game rifle rounds. I will continue to use the service and get my father on board with a crate for him for Christmas.

Ryan C / Rockton , PA

Ease, speed, and accuracy are the quickest way I can sum up this review. Ammo Squared is onto something big and I will be along for the entire ride.

Austin B / Port Washington , WI

Love stocking up on one of my favorite calibers.


I love this service!!! I have it set to auto ship when I hit free shipping … received it today! Merry Christmas to me :))




I love this program ended up getting two boxes so far up some very high end ammo even the practice ammo is high grade. Said it and forget it until you want it

Noah D / Riverton, UT

Loving my experience. The flexibility is fantastic. And I'll never say no to a CRATE DROP!

Ned H / West Jordan, UT

It took me awhile to figure out how it worked. I received my first shipment without any problems. Thanks

Michael R / Tucson, AZ

Got my pew pew juice tonight... can't wait for the next range! And shipment!

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