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Customer Reviews

David K / Jacksonville, OR

Great experience , as always ! Can't recommend these good folks highly enough !

Greg L / Waldorf, MD

Great service! Highly recommended.

Robert G / WALLACE, NC

I really like the concept this company has. You can stack up ammo quicker than you realize and it is so convenient. Shipping was quick and I received everything I requested.

Jonathan L / Hartselle, AL

Ammosquared is a excellent concept and I love using them!

Suzette G / Newport News, VA

Ammo arrived safe and sound with a shipping label designed to help to keep UPS honest.

Ryan T / Perris, CA

I heard of ammo squared years ago from my brother who he heard from YouTuber daily shooters now known as copper jacket. And I never bothered to try it out till I started looking for 300 blackout. And I been nothing but happy with my experience. I love How I can pay in increments especially with having several hobby’s. The shipping isn’t too bad either. I highly recommend.

Craig M / Ely , MN

Process was easy and fast. I had a hodgepodge of calibers shipped. Well packaged. Boxes and shells are brand new as they should be. Very satisfied.

tom t / FAIRFAX, VA

Always feels a little like Christmas when your reload crate arrives. You know the requested cartridge sizes but still often nicely surprised with the manufacturer or the grain specs. I'm glad that I joined Ammo2 almost 2 years ago. I like the accumulation/savings process and the off-site storage concepts.

Donald F / Avondale, AZ

First time using ammosquared so first shipment I kept small to try them out. I am super impressed. I like them because they choose ammo that I might not have tried or think to get. Gives me an opportunity to run different ammo to see what I feel most comfortable with and what my gun runs best. I will continue to use and recommend.


I've been using Ammo Squared for years, and it is a great service! Dan and his team are professional, and always helpful when solving an issue.


As always, an excellent experience! A box each of my favorite "flavors" allows me to do a little shootin'. Once again I can't post a picture of my crate, either my phone doesn't like your website, or your website doesn't like my phone. A little help would be appreciated. I was in Middleton two weeks ago, but because it was a transit trip with my brother to bury our Mother in OR, I was unable to drop by. One of these days I'll make it. Take care, be safe! Be armed! Beware of the bad guys! Kirby


While the service does cost more than I could get ammo for by waiting on deals, it does seem worth it in some cases. For recreational and training ammo this is great. I can set a monthly budget. The wife seems more accepting of $100 a month than she does $1000 a year as an example. The storage is great. Can have them ship just what I want and I don't have to worry about where to keep it in the house. I don't see the point for hunting and self defense ammo. For plinking ammo, brand grain weight and other factors aren't so important. For hunting and self defense I'm particular and need the same exact thing to keep my zero, maintain lead free etc. If there were an option to do this with a specific brand, grain weight, etc for hunting and self defense rounds I would probably budget more towards ammo squared and utilize that as well. Otherwise it is great for plinking and worth the small increase in price over waiting on deals.

Rita B / Mesa, AZ

There is nowhere local that I can get as good a deal on ammo. I have been a member for many years and have never been disappointed. When I have needed to contact customer service, they have been there, no long waits. I highly recommend AmmoSquared.

Jeremy C / Lakeland, FL

Absolutely the best way to purchase and stockpile ammo. I have been a customer for 4ish years and have always been satisfied with customer service, support and quality of ammo. I will never go back back too purchasing ammo in a store. 10,000+ rounds and counting.

Dan K / Marysville, WA

Ammo squared is the real deal. Yes, you may find ammo cheaper elsewhere but you will always find a better deal. This is an excellent "set-it-and-forget-it" system that ships quality, name brand ammo to your door per your very specific wants or needs.

Thomas Y / Westland, MI

Been a member for awhile, first time having ammo delivered. Very easy to process and set up delivery. Now that I have delivery triggers it will go even easier next time.

Andrew P / New Braunfels, TX

I have been with Ammo2 for a few years now. It is truly a set and forget way to build an ammo stockpile. The best part about it, my wife doesn't have to look at it and complain that I "have too much" haha

Loren Y / Las Vegas, NV

Great price, fast shipping, no hassle and great ammo!

Phillip A / Fordland , MO

Fast and easy shipping

Alexander A / Chicago, IL

I received a good random selection of the calibers I selected

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