Customer Reviews

Marlon D / Cabool, MO

Awsome company ..

Dan M / Buffalo, MO

Excellent organization, excellent products, excellent service, excellent experience. Independent, innovative, dedicated; what's not to like? One of, if not the best sites to be associated with as far as firearms ammunition is concerned. Thank you Ammo squared for doing your part and doing it well.

John B / Billings, MT

Awesome! Don't have to chase down ammo, can buy partials and build up over time. Prices are fair. Site is super easy to maneuver.

John B / Billings, MT

Great so far!! Easy to use, don't have to worry about finding ammo. Ships when I want and arrives quickly!

Jon H / Islip terrace , NY

Site is great, easy to use and great prices

Kirby T / Prattville, AL

I love the fact I don't have to "hunt" for ammo. I use some obscure stuff. With your assistance I've been able to build both a local and distant stock. Thank you!

Rita B / Mesa, AZ

Whether the photo was attached properly or not, I have a shelf 4' deep of self-defence and target ammo. Thanks to AmmoSquared, I have been able to "stash" a huge amount of ammo.

Carter M / Saginaw, MI

Super easy - I look forward to my shipment every time!

David V / Dayton, VA

I’ve been a subscriber/customer for a couple of years now and honestly it’s been a great service for me. It fits my wife and I’s budgeting, and has allowed me to invest in my ammo needs. There’s a lot of functionality and flexibility allowing me to decrease my ammo spend for a month, pick up a few rifle mags, and then pick up where I left off in the next month. I really appreciate the variety of ammo I get to use and experience (like tumble on impact 300AAC rounds… haha c’mon people!) and I have a piece of mind that I’m doing business with like-minded folks. I highly recommend this service and I look forward to continuing to support this company.

Carl H / Jacksonville, FL

Always a great day when shipment arrives. Thanks.

Kenneth M / EULESS, TX

I have been buying ammo from these guys for a while now and I can say that for the most part, the ammo I get is pretty good. There is a fair number of off brands thrown in, but it's no big deal because I use this for plinking and reserve storage. I shoot all the lesser ammo and shoot/store the good stuff as I have time. I was surprised to find a box of HST in my shipment this time. This is some of the finest self-defense/home-defense/make someone think twice ammo on the planet. It is sometimes hard to get. Very pleased with receiving it.

Robert M / New Haven, WV

Been using Ammo Squared almost since day one. It’s my favorite way to obtain ammo. Thanks and keep up the great job you all are doing!


Love the concept of accumulating ammo monthly and getting it shipped free when I want it. Delivery is fast and secure and customer service is responsive and on point. It's worth paying a couple of cents more per round for the convenience and service.

Robert K / Hickory, NC

Ammosquared makes it easy to stay stocked up and is also pretty fun to use. Seems like a great company with the right values, and I like supporting companies that are trying to help build the parallel economy that will ultimately be vital in the fight against leftist tyranny. I need to get to the range or buy another safe - I'm running out of space for all of this ammo!

Matthew B / Columbia, SC

I've been a customer for almost 2 years. Gotten 2 shipments. Had a problem trying to finish a box of discontinued and customer support was on it. Great service hardly notice the money coming out and after a few months big pay out.


Just received my second crate from them. Ya ya ya.. some different ammo from different areas but it works. I don't have to run to Scheels all the time and if there is a shortage again, I'll have ammo at my fingertips.

Glenn G / Bloomington , IN

Fast, efficient and secure. Great shopping experience.


Is it the cheapest? No. But it’s really nice to set up a subscription. 100$ a month in ammo over 6 months is way easier to understand by my wife than 600$ at one time. You just set it and forget it! Then every few months you click ship. The site is a tad confusing but ammo is great when it’s shipped to your door!

Troy G / NAMPA, ID

First delivery. Love the selection!! Love the stickers as well

Jason S / Roanoke, VA

Package showed up 2 days early. They are awesome

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