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Customer Reviews

Terek C / Yuma, AZ

Awesome to get bulk ammo prices over time with a subscription.


Came in right on time, can’t wait to run this ammo! Just in time for range day!

Romar S / Las Vegas, NV

I didn't have high expectations at first. Now that I finally got my first crate. I'm extremely happy!

christian h / TOOELE, UT

Love the service, speedy shipping, and quality ammo!

Delbert D / Geronimo, OK

Been a member now for over a year. This is an amazing idea that this company has established. Before it was driving from place to place just to look for ammo. Now I just continue on with life as Ammo² does my shopping for me. Thanks Ammo².

Travis R / Nashua, NH

The Ammo Squad shipped fast and the packaging was great the ammo wasn't damaged. The ammo brands delivered are great PMC and Federal are also my favorite, Thanks.

Robert C / Indianapolis, IN

A.S. was communicative, I got everything promptly and the invoice made it easy to verify the contents were all there. Thanks!

Derek S / Heber City, UT

AMMO² is the only service of its kind to actually pull it off. Quality service, name brand ammo, and fair prices.

Daniel M / Trenton, MI

Well packed, good selection, and fast shipping.

David E / Anoka, MN

Ammosquared always has the best ammo. Never had a single problem with any of the ammo I've received through them and they have almost any kind of ammo you want. I wish I would've known about this site sooner.

Jason S / Roanoke, VA

Awesome delivery

Owen C / Murfreesboro, TN

First crate, and it came fast. Set-it-and-forget-it system seems to work great! Excited to get out and shoot it Sunday.

Mike J / Vineyard, UT

I love Ammo2. It has helped me to keep my ammo supply up. Even during this entire ammo shortage. Every month I get a nice surprise of ammo. It is awesome and I recommend it to everybody.

Arthur C / Williamsport, MD

This is easiest way of buying ammo at an affordable price. Customer service is topnotch. Would highly recommend. Love how easy the website is.

Richard S / Greenfield , WI

Great option keeps me from running to different stores for general use ammo. If i am looking for something specific i go to a store

Taigan L / NORFOLK, VA

Fantastic service. Love being able to pay as much as I want. Definitely makes buying ammo less painful!


AmmoSquared is amazing, ammo prices and availability have been absolutely insane over the last 18 months but with AmmoSquared I've barely noticed and was protected from most of the price increases. I can't believe I've seen friends pay $1+ per round for 9mm. I am so thankful for this service, it makes buying, storing, and using ammo so easy and fun.

Colton M / Surprise, AZ

Ammosquared rocks!

Peter M / Lancaster, WI

So easy to save up for me for defensive ammo. My supply grows every month and just have it sent when I want it.

Michael H / Hazel Park, MI

Loving this service.. letting my ammo build in the background is very convenient.. figured I would collect my $5 bounty that was sent with this shipment of freedom seeds.. with a couple of my freedom seed spreaders in the background.. I will always be signed up with ammo squared.. LOVE IT

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