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I was a little skeptical that it was as easy as the website says. I set my amount and every two weeks ammo was added. Once I hit my shipping trigger I got a notice that it could ship. I ok’d the shipment and was able to pay the difference to top off another box of ammo so that would ship also. It shipped really quick and when I got it it was packaged extremely well with some stickers also! Instead of going out and shopping for ammo I can waste time on other stuff.

Ryan S / Mooresville, NC

Fast shipping, great service!


The stickers alone make me a happy customer.

Michael V / PHOENIX, AZ

I love the way I can pick and choose my ammo and decide when to ship my crate and the convenience of payment method automatically

Jason T / Concord, VA

Ammosquared makes buying ammo easy. This includes the action of buying it and the money involved. The web interface is easy to use and understand. The free shipping option takes one of the big drawbacks out of online ammo purchasing out of the picture. I'm looking forward to my next crate shipment!

Henrik O / Myrtle Beach, SC

Great way to to build up your ammo stockpile, especially in last couple of years where its hard to come by in your local stores, without being overcharged for what little they have. The selection of "rare" rounds is also a big plus, super easy allocation selection, and you can always change the allocation % between selected rounds, as your crate filles up. So when you have enough pratice rounds change to more defensive rounds or other caliber :-)

Devine P / Winter Haven , FL

Very pleased with the whole process. Having ammo in stock with there being a shortage everywhere else is amazing. Shipping was quick!!!!

Timothy C / Beaverton, OR

Fast Shipping, and well packaged! Great All Around Experience!

Robert K / Hickory, NC

Good experience so far - really like that I can "set it and forget it" and then next thing you know there's an assortment of ammunition at my doorstep.

Joshua R / Griffin, GA

Easy and fast absolutely love it

Joe F / Ellijay, GA

Best monthly investment I’ve made!! AmmoSquared gathers my rounds….I send them down range!! God Bless America!!

James E / San antonio , TX

Fast shipping good price

Arturo C / Denver, CO

This is the 5th or 6th shipment I’ve received from you guys. Every one of them has been flawless and quick. I like the new website it’s very intuitive. Keep up the good work. I tell all my gun friends about you guys. Thank you

Brian D / Columbus, OH

Awesome subscription service! I love getting different ammo to try. If you have any issues they’ll work with you to make it right. I’ve been very happy with it. And when I’m broke it’s not a big deal to set it to $0. Lol

James D / Walton, KY

It came right around Christmas so i was like a kid getting a big present. Shipping was free since I exceeded $250 on crate value.

Drew S / Greer, SC

It's awesome

James E / Columbia, TN

I’ve been a member since the very beginning, and I love everything about AmmoSquared. From the site upgrades, to the ammo selection, to the amazing customer service, it’s the absolute best!

Javier G / Corpus Christi , TX

This is actually my first crate that I build and I was actually impressed I set a comfortable payment per week and I set it and forget and just waited for my crate to build… I will definitely do this rather than going to the stores daily

Clint S / Baton Rouge, LA

Set it and forget it service! Select the ammo you want, how much and just watch it roll into your crate. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and I've highly recommended it to ALL my friends.

Dylan K / Moscow , ID

I’m very glad I decided to try this subscription

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