How it Works

At AmmoSquared®, we’re redefining what ammunition ownership looks like. Instead of a traditional approach, we set out to use the internet to actually make buying and owning ammunition easier.

Big Picture (how we do that):

  1. Start with an account that holds ammo like a bank account - call it an “ammo piggy bank”
  2. Now fill it with the calibers and type of ammo you want, on a budget and schedule that fits your needs.
  3. Pair it with an automated notification system to alert you when you’ve reached your ideal shipping threshold...

And you’ve got the power of AmmoSquared®, where our mission is to “Simplify Ammunition Ownership”. We do that by making it easy (and automatic!) to purchase and store the ammo that you want.

Ammo Management

We have a detailed dashboard where you can see all of your ammo holdings and recent activity.

Each crate can be viewed separately as well. Details such as your budget, next AutoBuy date and the amount of ammo in your assets account and in pending is visible with just a glance.

For each caliber, you can view your Asset that are Available and Pending, along with the average price paid, and whether buying or selling that caliber is available. There is even a Shipping Trigger progress indicator!

Buying or selling is simple with the push of a button. Buy enough to round up a box before shipment or add extra rounds depending on caliber. Ammo can also be returned or sold back at any time.

Adjusting a subscription is simple and intuitive. We use a percentage based approach that lets you fine tune how much of your budget is going toward each caliber. You can change your budget any time and it will automatically adjust how much ammo you are purchasing at each renewal cycle.

All activity is clearly visible in your online account. See every instance when ammo is allocated to your account, bought, or sold. Shipments are also recorded in an easy to read, color coded format.

Easily follow the flow of payments and ammo allocations. View invoices on a separate tab or just click on the invoice link under pending ammo. We make it clear where each payment went and what it was applied to.

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Recent reviews

Jason H / SIDNEY, NE

Love Ammo2! Pay a little at at a time and let it build up, then when ever I want it I have them ship it to me.

Thomas S / Leeds, AL

Been doing this w them for years now.. its great! I have it ship free when I reach 250.00 shipping trigger and every few months I get a nice package in the mail. No effort on my part except to pick a caliber and style (target ..match etc). Makes building stock easy.

Todd T / Bethel, NC

Good mix of ammo and securely boxed. It's good knowing I've got a bit of ammo building all the time.

James D / Madison , NJ

Everything was good and came quickly

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