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AmmoSquared Affiliate Program

Do you have a website or blog related to firearms or Internet shopping in general? If so, join the AmmoSquared Affiliate Program and earn on sales for every new customer you send our way!

AmmoSquared is revolutionizing the ammo industry and changing the way gun owners buy ammunition online. We provide customers with a way to accumulate ammo in a novel way that is budget friendly and works with their schedule. Simply put: our customers create and fund an ammo "piggy bank", that is available on demand so they always have ammo there when they want it.

We've partnered with Avantlink and Refersion to offer our partners a choice of two great affiliate programs. Each program includes a robust suite of affiliate tools and technology to help you maintain accurate campaign information and work more efficiently.

About our customers:

  • Average Monthly Subscription amount: $50+
  • Long term subscribers (24+ months!).
  • Increase monthly spend over time.

Avantlink Program highlights include:

  • Sign-up is totally free.
  • Earn a $20 flat fee for each paying subscriber that joins.
  • 180 day cookie duration.
  • Dedicated program management.

Refersion Program highlights include:

  • Sign-up is totally free.
  • Earn 3% commission on lifetime sales of the customer.
  • 180 day cookie duration.
  • Dedicated program management.

Which program should you choose?

If you are already on one platform or the other, then choose the platform you are comfortable with. Each program offers a different type of payout structure designed to suit individual affiliate preferences: If you prefer to have a known amount of income up front, then choose AvantLink. On the other hand, if you would rather have a recurring payout over the lifetime of the customer with an unknown total payout, choose Refersion.

Read our Affiliate Program Terms

How it Works

1. Sign Up for a Free Account.

We’ve partnered with Avantlink and Refersion. Both partners make signing up free and easy!

2. Start Driving Traffic to AmmoSquared.com.

Customers are tracked with a 180 day cookie from your website to ammosquared.com.

3. Earn Cash Commissions.

When visitors sign up from your link, you’ll earn either a $20 flat fee (AvantLink), OR a 3% lifetime commission (Refersion) from that customer depending on the program you choose!

4. Monitor Performance

Our affiliate network partners offer some of the best performance reporting in the business. Log in and track real time traffic, sales and commission stats on your Affiliate Marketing efforts. Find out which banners and text links are providing you the best return.

5. Dedicated Team

We have a team dedicated to helping you succeed. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to drive more sales and earn more commissions.