About our Prices

“Why are you guys not the cheapest ammo I can find on the internet???”

When you search prices online you will always be able to find ammo cheaper than ours. Sometimes those are loss leaders (sold below cost), sometimes they jack up the shipping to make up for the cheaper ammo (we offer free shipping over $250). But most of the time the cheap ammo advertised is just that, cheap ammo - and that is all you are getting.

If you want to buy and stockpile cases of the cheapest ammo out there, do it. It doesn’t replace what we offer. Comparing us to traditional retail is like comparing apples to oranges. Here are three main reasons why:

  1. Three Different Quality Tiers: We don’t just ship the cheapest ammo out there. Our price is a mix of low, medium and high priced brands. If you are just looking at the price, you are missing the point. You can’t compare Maxtech to Sig Sauer, or PPU to Nosler.
  2. Transparent Price Based on the Market: We give you a price based on the blend of multiple brands of ammo. So it will always be higher than the cheapest ammo out there. Our price is transparent and below the market average for the actual ammo you are receiving.
  3. Flexible and Easy Ownership: We aren’t like an ecommerce store with a “one and done” transaction. We allow you to buy over time, store it until you need it, and exchange it when you need something different. Here is a list of our benefits:
  • The ability to buy small amounts of ammo over time (less than a full box!)
  • The ability to set up an autobuy across a mix of calibers that fits your budget, so you don’t overspend and you can dollar cost average, saving you money in the long run.
  • Secure, climate controlled storage for free until you are ready to take delivery.
  • The ability to exchange calibers for a different caliber when your needs change.
  • The ability to return ammo stored in your ammo account if you need the money more than the ammo.
  • Protection from natural disasters and theft.
  • Ammunition that is rotated constantly so the ammo you receive is fresh and new.
  • A mix of multiple brands and bullet weights so you can find new ammo you might not have tried before.
  • Ammunition that is stored for you and shipped whenever you want it - even automatically with AutoShip triggers!

All this and our prices are still just below the median market price for the actual brands and bullet weights you’ll be getting.