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Let’s face it:  it hasn’t been easy to be a gun owner in America over the past few years. At the same time shooting sports and gun ownership are up, the folks in Washington DC and in various state capitals have continued to attack our 2nd amendment protected rights.

Only recently have things started to look brighter for gun owners like us (but if history is our guide, we know that won’t it won’t be long before the political climate changes and the attacks continue…).

AmmoSquared has its roots in the ammo shortages of 2009 and 2012 when it seemed like everyone from the local gun store to the big box stores were out of ammo and reloading powder. Empty store shelves were common everywhere you went.

What other industry has this problem??? Do you ever go to the store expecting to buy batteries for your camera and the store shelves are wiped clean? Nope. Only in the firearms industry can you see shelves like this:

Walmart Empty Shelves

We were frustrated like we’re sure you were as well. We then posed a simple question: Why couldn’t we have been buying ammo like we fund our 401k – a little each month?

If there was a service then that allowed us to set up an automatic purchase program and just sock ammo away for a rainy day we would have signed up in heartbeat.

But there wasn’t one. So we created it.

That was September 11, 2015.

We started with just an idea, then we built a very basic website and bought a few cases of just four calibers: 9mm, 45 ACP, 223, and 308.  We had just one customer shortly after we launched. (We were certainly no Dollar Shave Club!)

But today we’re growing steadily…

Even though we started with a simple idea and only four calibers, something clicked with people. Sometimes we are amazed when we realize that to date over 3,000 customers have experienced (and embraced) our unique approach to ammunition accumulation. Plus, with over 76 different calibers in 188 variations ranging in size from the tiny 17 HMR to as large as 50 BMG, we have come a long way from our roots. Today we also offer magazines and ammo cans and bring try to bring out new calibers every month.

In starting on this road, our goal was never to become a “startup” (aka: venture-capital-backed-in-it-for-the-money company).

Nope, we wanted to build a real business. A company that offered real value. We’re a self-funded, family run “Mom and Pop” business that is doing this because, as avid gun owners, we want to build the kind of business we wanted to subscribe to back in 2012.

Plus we get to talk about ammo all day! (What’s not to love?)

Since starting AmmoSquared, we have met and talked to so many awesome people from every corner of the country! We love hearing from our many wonderful customers (some of which might keep us on the phone longer then they should talking about their latest gun or shooting adventure.)  But we love all of our customers and work very hard to make sure they are taken care of. It really does feel like a family to us.

We don’t mind being a little different and being the opposite of a large company. We’re proud of our humble roots and unique service.

Thanks for checking us out!


Dan and Danielle Morton

AMMO² Owners

PS: We aren’t just building a company, we’re building a community:

AmmoSquared Fans


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