Creating an Ammo Subscription

In this tutorial we’ll walk you step by step through the process of adding ammunition to your cart and creating your first subscription. In order to create a subscription for the first time you will need to go through the checkout process with the ammo, delivery triggers and credits that you want.

Step 1:

Decide what CATEGORY of ammo you want: Handgun, RifleRimfire, or Shotgun.You can access this via the images on the main page or the dropdown menu under “Armory”. (You’ll see other categories for Gear, Prepaid Credits, and Delivery Triggers which we’ll discuss in other tutorials).

Step 2:

Select your caliber: Once you have selected your CATEGORY you will be given a wide variety of calibers to choose from. We currently offer 69 distinct calibers and 170 variations (hunting grade, service grade, etc.) across those calibers. Next select the caliber you are interested in to be taken to the caliber page.

Here we have selected the very popular 6.5 Creedmoor. Note the two options on this caliber that you can select: Grade and Bullet Weight.

Grade: Grade is how we describe the type of ammo you will be adding to your subscription. We know that all ammunition isn’t created the same and you can have anything from cheap steel cased ammo (what we call “Value” grade) all the way up to premium ammo (we call it “Match” grade). In between you have brass cased plinking ammo (“Service” grade), ammunition designed for Hunting (“Hunting” grade) or personal protection (“Self Defense” grade). Depending on the caliber there may be other specialty grades as well such as “Subsonic”, “Frangible” or “Lead Free” to name a few.

Bullet Weight: This is pretty self explanatory but we do have some conventions at AmmoSquared that you should be aware of. For plinking ammo such as Value or Service grade, we generally don’t offer an option for the customer to select a specific bullet weight. These will default to “Best Price” and we’ll get a variety of ammo from different manufacturers. In your box you will usually have a mix of brands.  Some caliber / grade combinations will provide a specific bullet weight option, such as 124gr or 147gr in 9mm Self Defense. Other times you may see bullet weight ranges such as with this 6.5 Creedmoor which has two bullet weight ranges.

Step 3:

Select your Grade and Bullet Weight: Depending on what you want to do with the round we probably have a bullet weight and grade combination that fits your needs. In this case we’ll select Hunting Grade with a bullet weight of 120 to 129.

You will notice that the price per round, rounds per box and box price equivalent will appear. If you want to receive enough rounds to fill a box each renewal, you’ll need to use the + button to increase the quantity to at least the amount shown. In this case we’ll need to add $25 so we can get 20 rounds per renewal.  Remember our prices do fluctuate so give yourself a little cushion if the current price is close to your budget.

Step 4:

Now add the caliber / grade combination to your cart with the desired budget. Remember you are adding the DOLLAR amount you want to spend each month. This could be enough for a full box each month (in this case $25) or it could be whatever your budget allows such as $5, $17, 32, etc.

This is where AmmoSquared is really unique and can sometimes be confusing. You are establishing a monthly budget for each caliber / grade and we will use your budget and purchase a certain number of rounds based on the price per round. Each month your rounds are then added to your inventory. Sometimes this is enough for a full box but other times it isn’t and you will need to let your ammunition accumulate for a while until you have a enough to make a full box.

Note that when we say “box” we mean a standard factory ammunition box from the manufacturer that you would find on the store shelf. For example you have standards like 20 rifle rounds or 50 pistol rounds. Each caliber and grade has a different number of rounds, and in some cases we may have multiple quantities for each option (223 Match comes in boxes of 20 and 50 for example). [We use to vacuum seal loose rounds, but we don’t any longer and need to ship in unopened factory boxes. We made this change due to liability concerns and manpower, it just isn’t practical or wise for us to it that way – but you may see older YouTube videos showing our old process.]

Next Steps:

After selecting all of the caliber / grades and fine-tuning your budget, next it is time to select your DELIVERY TRIGGER