Adding a Delivery Trigger

In this second tutorial we’ll walk you through the process of adding Delivery Triggers. Keep in mind that you don’t need to add an automatic delivery trigger and can let your ammo accumulate over time until you are ready to request it.

If you missed our first tutorial on Creating an Ammo Subscription you may want to check it out.

Step 1:

Decide whether you want to add a Delivery Trigger. Not all customers ammunition accumulation strategy requires the addition of a delivery trigger. If you intend to let your ammo accumulate for an undetermined amount of time you should forgo the automatic delivery trigger. If you know you will want a delivery on a regular schedule then go ahead and add one.

You can find the Delivery Trigger option in multiple places around the site but the most visible and direct is via the main menu in the “ARMORY” dropdown:

Step 2:

Select your Delivery Trigger: Once you have decided to add a delivery trigger, the next decision is how often you want your ammo delivered. Our automatic delivery triggers can be scheduled by Number of Rounds (Round Count) or by Number of Months (Monthly) or a mix of the two. We have a third option which just says that you will request your ammo when you are ready for it: On Demand. (Note: This option isn’t required and you can request your ammo even if you have no trigger or either of the other options (Round Count or Monthly) as well.) 

When selecting your delivery trigger you will need to balance the amount of your ammo budget with how often you are requesting a delivery. People get into trouble most often with our monthly triggers.  For example if you are only putting $17 a month toward ammo and want it delivered each month, you aren’t going to receive a good value for your ammo dollar because we charge a flat $15 fee per box – so nearly half of your money is going toward shipping. No bueno.

Monthly Delivery Trigger

With a monthly delivery trigger you simply need to set the interval, in months, that you want your box to arrive. Again, this should be balanced by the budget you have allocated to your ammunition. Here we have selected a three month delivery trigger:

This means you will receive a box of ammo every three months.

When you select your trigger, you’ll notice that nothing is charged to your subscription. That is because we separate Shipping Credits from Delivery Triggers. (We’ll talk about Prepaid Credits in our next tutorial.) Next let’s move on to delivery triggers based on Round Count.

Round Count Delivery Triggers

With a round count trigger you are saying you want to trigger delivery when the total number of rounds in your inventory reaches your desired round count. Keep in mind that we total all of the rounds in your inventory and compare it to trigger BEFORE we determine how many completed boxes of ammo you have in your inventory. This means you could receive slightly less than your trigger amount when we actually ship your box. For example, it isn’t uncommon to have a 500 round trigger and only receive 480 rounds, because you had some calibers that had incomplete boxes that needed to stay in your inventory. If you have any doubt just set the round count to the next highest interval – in this case 600 rounds.

Round count triggers are great for people who don’t care about getting ammo in perfectly timed intervals. One of the best use cases we’ve seen of this is a customer that sets up a single caliber on a 1000 round trigger. He then gets a case of ammo every time his accumulated rounds hit his trigger. Simple.

How you use this trigger is up to you and it could work better than a monthly trigger depending on your needs. In the example below we’ve set up a 500 round count trigger:

On Demand Trigger

The last option is the On Demand Trigger. Selecting this option is a way for you to indicate to us that you plan on requesting your ammo when you are ready for it. Again there is no cost to this:

With the On Demand trigger you will need to request delivery manually when you are ready. You can send us an email or call but the easiest way for both you and us is to send a create an Ammo Request in your user dashboard under MyAccount.

Free Shipping Trigger

This is our newest option and allows the customer to have a package sent once it reaches our free shipping tier ($250 in value). With the automatic trigger added to your account you don’t need to request your shipment once you have amassed $250 in value – we’ll check it each month and ship when it breaks the $250 threshold. This applies to both ammunition and gear that you have added to your inventory – if you have more than $250 in value, it ships free!

You may be asking why we have a free shipping trigger – it makes it easier for you to sit back accumulate ammo and take one less worry off your plate! All customers get free shipping on orders over $250 you don’t need to add the trigger, but unless you want to accumulate ammunition until 2082 – you need to add one of the thee types of automatic triggers (# of Months, Round Count, or Free Shipping Tier) to truly put your subscription on autopilot!

Step 4:

While not a step needed for setting up your account, Sending an Ammo Request is something everyone has the ability, at any time, to do and we’ll go over the steps now. To do this simply log into your account via the MyAccount link on the home menu. Once you are in your dashboard look for the AMMO REQUEST tab on the left side:

When you send us an ammo request you have a couple of options:

Send only currently completed boxes. 


Charge me to buy up some or all incomplete boxes (add details in text box below).

If you would like us to only send you what you have accumulated in your inventory and leave any partial boxes behind to continue to build toward full boxes, choose the first option “Send only currently completed boxes.”

On the other hand, if you want to “buy up any partial boxes” and add additional ammo necessary so you can “clean out” that caliber, then select the second box. You can also do this for one or some of your calibers by indicating in the message box below your selection.

Example: Let’s say you have two calibers: 40 S&W with 233 rounds and 300 Blackout with 114 rounds. You want us to buy up the rest of your 40 S&W but not your 300 Blackout you can select the 2nd box and tell us something like: “Buy up my 40 S&W only and send what I have already for 300 BLK”. We would then process the request and send you 250 rounds of 40 S&W (rounding up) and 100 rounds of 300 Blackout (rounding down).

Honestly, you can be as creative as you want as long as we understand what you want to do. We will contact you if we have questions.

Lastly, once you submit an ammo request to buy up your incomplete boxes we will do it and charge your card on file. If you have any additional credits on your account we will take those into account along with our $15 shipping fee. After all of this, your box will go into our shipping queue for the next shipping cycle.

Next Steps:

After selecting all of the caliber / grades and adding a Delivery Trigger, the next step is add some prepaid credits to your subscription. That is the topic of the next tutorial.