A Condensed History of the 9mm Cartridge


We have all heard, or even participated in, the much-heated debate of 9mm Luger vs 45 ACP. One simply needs to look at the comments section of self-defense articles or look on just about any gun forum to find evidence of the “best caliber” war. Many of these heated debates use outdated and inaccurate [...]

A Condensed History of the 9mm Cartridge2018-07-03T18:12:23-06:00

Almost That Time Again…


Sunday, September 25, 2016   It is nearly that time again!… (man the month has flown by, hasn’t it?) We’re just one short week away from our monthly ammo allocation! What that means for all you newbies out there… after payments clear on the 2nd, we’ll start adding ammunition to your inventory! Remember, on the 1st [...]

Almost That Time Again…2016-09-25T21:20:55-06:00