Shotguns and Disneyland… but Not Mixed Together!

Time for some well deserved fun!

It’s been nearly 2 years of steady work without a break for us here at AmmoSquared, so we want to let everyone know that we’ll be on vacation from April 24th until May 1st. Since nobody can do customer service like the owners themselves, our phones will be off and we’ll be answering email on a limited basis.

So please excuse the delay: we’ll be at Disneyland with the kids then taking a 4 day Tactical Shotgun course … what else do the owners of an ammo business do to relax and have fun??? Shoot, of course! 🙂

Quick Updates:

As we’ve been mentioning in our updates, May 1st we’re updating our shipping policy to a FLAT $15. That means all orders regardless of size will be $15.

Customers that have accumulated more than $250 in ammo before shipping will receive a free plastic MTM 50cal sized ammo can (or upgrade to a US standard metal 50cal for just $7.50 more)!

New Calibers, Variations, and Ammo Cans!

We’ll keep this one short and sweet. We’ve added a handful of new calibers this month (along with AMMO CANS ) and we’ve updated our current pricing sheet for you to check out.

260 Remington

Remington 260 Rem 140gr Core-Lokt PSP
Hunting Grade is $1.867/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($37.33/box)


Federal Premium 260 Remington 142gr Sierra Matchking
Match Grade is $1.553/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($31.07/box)

50 Action Express

Self Defense Grade is $1.483/rnd. A full box is 50 rounds ($29.66/box)

12ga #4 Buckshot

Service grade is $0.886/rnd. A full box is 5 rounds ($4.43/box)

357 Magnum (Value Grade)

Current price is $0.265/rnd. A full box is 25 rounds ($13.23/box)

45 ACP (Value Grade)

Current price is $0.265/rnd. A full box is 50 rounds ($13.23/box)

6.5 Grendel (Value Grade)

Current price is $0.314/rnd. A full box is 20 rounds ($6.28/box)


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