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Due to the ammo shortage and significantly increased demand, customer allocations into inventory are running 3-4 weeks from when order is placed. See the Announcements section in our support Portal for new policies and the latest lead times for allocation and shipping requests.
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Get a personal supply of factory ammunition accumulating in the background and stored until you need it. Then have it delivered with the push of a button (or automatically!) on your schedule.

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AMMO² Launches Crowdfund to Revolutionize Ammunition Industry

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[Read the official Press Release.] At AmmoSquared, we’re doing something remarkable: changing the way 94m gun owners think about and manage ammunition. We’re making it DIGITAL so it is more convenient to purchase, store, exchange and [...]

Digital Ammunition Part 1

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Digital Ammunition. To most people, those words don't fit together: digital ammunition... What does that even mean? Everyone knows you can't have something physical like ammunition combined with something... well, uh digital. Right? Let's just [...]


“Absolutely great company! Very easy to set up what you want for ammo or gear every month. If you are on a budget and can’t spend a lot on ammo this is perfect for you because you set the amount you want to spend monthly and it is good to go. They also have great customer service. I have emailed them a couple of times on how to do something within their website and they got back to me within a day every time.”

Dan Swinton, Google Reviewer

“Awesome company. I’ve been using their service several years now. They’ve been growing along the way and have been quick to deal with any issues I’ve ever had with my account. Large variety of brands and calibers and they are constantly adding more. Why are you still reading this review, go sign up for their service.”

Justin Shealy, Google Reviewer

“A fantastic company, based on the concept of providing their customers quality products and services. I am very pleased to be a customer, and will continue to use their products for years to come.”

Mike Clancy, Facebook Reviewer

“I started getting ammo from this company about a year ago and I have had great results and the ammo is promptly delivered and far better quality than what I expected. There how to videos are all on YouTube and explain they’re shipping and ordering details explicitly.”

Steve Lynch, Google Reviewer

“I am a long-time customer of AmmoSquared. Not having a lot of cash left over after paying the bills, I put just a small amount into AmmoSquared each month to accumulate ammunition for practice, self-defense, hunting, and as a barter item for my 9mm, .22, .223, 5.56, and 6.5 Creedmoor needs. Time flies because the next thing I know, my safes are so full of ammunition that I’ve had to take breaks. The website wasn’t always so easy to use as it is now, but the staff has always been responsive, helpful, and even go the extra mile. I proudly display an AmmoSquared bumper sticker on my car.”

Roger Brown, Google Reviewer