GAAT Project

Phase One (In Progress): Glock 19 (Gen 3 and Gen 5)

Ammunition Tested 35%

Phase Two (Not Started): Sig Sauer P320 Compact

Ammunition Tested 0%

Gun + Ammo Accuracy Testing (“GAAT”) Project

We’re excited to launch our new ammo accuracy testing project. Starting with the Glock 19 we’re testing every round of 9mm we can get our hands on… 


We know how it sounds. Testing every type of 9mm available through major pistol platforms is not only going to be costly, but also time consuming. True. However, we feel the value to you and the shooting community will be well worth the effort. Imagine knowing what bullet weight your gun prefers or what FMJ practice rounds you should purchase for your next IDPA match to give yourself an edge. Or even better, what defensive round your particular brand of firearm shoots most accurately so you will better be able to hit vitals and limit liability for misses in a life or death encounter).

While we know that your gun will be different than our test guns, we’re hoping to at least give you a starting point for your own testing. So now instead of going through dozens or even hundreds of rounds like we are, you only need to buy a handful and start your testing there.

Scientific… but not completely.

While we have made every effort to remove variables that might effect the testing results, there are some things that we can’t control for. We have a ransom rest and rock solid shooting bench to shoot from, and will conduct the tests exactly the same each time, but the temperature and humidity will be different. There may be a slight breeze some of the time and not others (we’ll avoid windy day testing).  As much as we would love to conduct these tests indoors like a legitimate lab would, we just couldn’t figure out how to rig up a pistol testing area in our warehouse without annoying our neighbors (or getting arrested!).  Putting small variables aside, our testing will be much more consistent and scientific than what you can find on YouTube today and should generate a TON of useful data.

Data. Data. And MORE Data… 

For each platform that we test we intend to record as much useful data as possible. This includes video of the target and the gun being fired in the ransom rest. We’ll also capture chronograph data, ejection characteristic data, cartridge dimension data and whatever else we can think of…

Here is the data we are capturing in this Project:


  1. Ammo Manufacturer
  2. Factory Product #
  3. Bullet Weight
  4. Bullet Type
  5. Listed Velocity (if available)
  6. Listed Trajectory (if available)
  7. Cartridge OAL using digital calipers (high, low, average)


  1. Impact of each round in 10 shot group
  2. Mean Radius (80%, 90% and 100%)
  3. Max Spread (80%, 90% and 100%)
  4. Velocity of each round
  5. Highest Velocity
  6. Lowest Velocity
  7. Average Velocity
  8. Standard Deviation
  9. Extreme Spread
  10. Malfunctions
  11. Case Ejection Distance
  12. Case Ejection Clock Direction
Ammo List and Testing Status

As we work through the testing process we’ll announce new results to our email newsletter subscribers and post to this page. If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]


We’ll post new videos here as we publish them…

GAAT Project Annoucement

Glock 19 Gen3 with Federal American Eagle 147gr FMJ-FP

Glock 19 Gen3 Accuracy with Federal 147gr HST