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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship ammo to me / my state?2019-03-11T09:37:43-06:00

We ship to anyone that is legally able to accept ammunition. When you sign up you are confirming that you are not prohibited from owning the ammunition that we ship to you. That said, we place no restrictions on your ability to ACCUMULATE ammunition. If you are not currently able to purchase ammunition in your locale but plan on moving there is no reason you can’t accumulate and store ammunition with us. If you are under the legal age to buy ammunition but would like to start an account and wait to take possession – there is nothing stopping you either. For specific state-related shipping info check out our SHIPPING page.

How do shipping triggers work?2018-04-25T22:11:11-06:00

Triggers are pretty straightforward. You can set up a time based trigger (# of months) and/or a round count trigger. Each month when your subscription hits we’ll allocate your inventory to your account and check any active triggers you have (they need to be on your subscription and “active” because people change triggers all the time). If your shipping is “triggered” by # or months since last shipment or # of rounds, we ship out your ammo. We first apply any coupons or credits and charge your card on file for any shortfall. You don’t have to do anything.

How do shipping fees work?2018-12-29T09:57:19-07:00

Our shipping fee is straightforward: it is just $15 for any package that contains ammo and $7.50 for any package without ammo (excluding firearms). The reason for this is that we need to ship ammo via Fedex Ground (“limited quantity” hazardous material) and USPS won’t accept ammunition shipments, so the cost to ship ammunition is higher. We do offer FREE SHIPPING on boxes over $250 of value. 

Is there a minimum shipment size?2018-12-27T14:54:11-07:00

Nope – it is up you to determine what is the ideal amount of ammo you want to receive. We recommend a minimum of 100 rounds however. If you have less, take advantage of our unique approach and use shipping triggers and build up good supply before you have it shipped – that way you maximize your value in our service. Shipping will cost $15 so it doesn’t make financial sense to pay that for a very small amount of ammo – it is your choice though!

How do I get my ammunition?2018-12-27T14:57:26-07:00

You can claim your accrued ammunition at any time. Every customer has the ability, at any time, to receive delivery of their ammo “on demand”. You can call, email or use the “Request Ammo” tab under your Account Dashboard.

Alternatively, when you establish your subscription you can add optional delivery triggers which includes a variety of delivery options: by the round count or by the time interval or once you reach $250 in ammunition (full boxes only count toward total) and/or gear. This option gives us a signal to ship your ammo when the trigger has been reached – automatically. You also have the option of adding a shipping credit to break up the cost of shipping over time. You don’t need to lift a finger, it will happen like clockwork.

Is there a monthly minimum amount I need to order?2017-05-06T17:54:30-06:00

Nope. You can set up a subscription for as little or as much as you want. We do have a minimum shipment size of 100 rounds of boxed ammo (factory ammo boxes – typically 50 rounds for pistol and 20 for rifle) but you can buy a little bit and just let it accumulate over time in your account.

Can I change when I’m billed?2018-12-27T14:59:42-07:00

While our typical billing occurs on the 1st of the month, we can set up your billing schedule to occur on a specific day of the month (i.e.: 5th, 12th, etc.) or to trigger on a weekly or -bi-weekly basis. Just contact us to request this option.

California Residents and Prop 632018-12-27T15:04:27-07:00

If you are a California resident, you probably already realize that Prop 63 will impact your subscription. We’ve had a ton of questions about this….

Here’s the Short Version:

As of January 2018 you have to buy ammunition face-to-face.

What this means is that we cannot ship ammo to your door and will instead need to ship to an transfer dealer (gun store or ammunition dealer).

The only question for you really is how burdensome the “fee” charged by receiving dealers will be and whether this will offset the cost of buying ammo locally. According to the text of the law, the ammunition vendor can charge a fee that will be set by the California DOJ (the fee is still unknown at this point).

We know that our customers sometimes have a difficult time finding a transfer dealer, and so we are committed to making that easier for you. If you are unable to find one, or just find one that charges a ridiculous fee, let us know. We can call around and find someone to work with. If you already work with an FFL for gun transfers and they have questions about how Prop 63 works, we can give them a call too.


*Below is the text of the applicable law that changed: *

*SEC. 8.6. Section 30312 of the Penal Code is amended to read:*

*30312. (1) Commencing January 1, 2018, the sale of ammunition by any party
shall be conducted by or processed through a licensed ammunition vendor.(2)
When neither party to an ammunition sale is a licensed ammunition vendor,
the seller shall deliver the ammunition to a vendor to process the
transaction. The ammunition vendor shall then promptly and properly deliver
the ammunition to the purchaser, if the sale is not prohibited, as if the
ammunition were the vendor’s own merchandise. If the ammunition vendor
cannot legally deliver the ammunition to the purchaser, the vendor shall
forthwith return the ammunition to the seller. The ammunition vendor may
charge the purchaser an administrative fee to process the transaction, in
an amount to be set by the Department of Justice, in addition to any
applicable fees that may be charged pursuant to the provisions of this
title.(b) Commencing January 1, 2018, the sale, delivery or transfer of
ownership of ammunition by any party may only occur in a face-to-face
transaction with the seller, deliverer, or transferor, provided, however,
that ammunition may be purchased or acquired over the Internet or through
other means of remote ordering if a licensed ammunition vendor initially
receives the ammunition and processes the transaction in compliance with
this section and Article 3 (commencing with Section 30342) of Chapter 1 of
Division 10 of Title 4 of this part.*

I just want to buy whole boxes, can I do that?2018-12-29T10:34:02-07:00

Our subscription program is a little different then most people are used to. You add the DOLLAR AMOUNT you want to spend each month and that buys a certain number of ROUNDS for each caliber and grade combination. We currently offer new customer Quick Start Calibers in $5 increments, and all other calibers in $1 increments. So you can match the amount you want to pay with the current price of the caliber. Keep in mind that prices do change and you will want to add a buffer to adjust for this.

Here’s an example: You want to buy a box rifle ammo in a particular caliber every month. Today that ammo sells for $0.48 per round which is $9.60 per box of 20 rounds. In order to get one full box in your inventory each month you’ll need to set your subscription for this particular caliber to $10. This will buy 20.8 rounds. Now if the prices change to $0.51 per round you’re $10 will only buy 19.6 rounds which leaves you 0.4 rounds short of a full box. (Now if this is over a two month period you’ll have 40.4 rounds which is two full boxes).

What is the “quantity” for a subscription?2018-12-27T15:09:08-07:00

When you first select a caliber you see that you can add a quantity to your order. This is not the number of boxes you want, this is actually the number of dollars you want to pay each month. For example, a quantity of “2” is actually $2.00. So what that means is that your subscription will buy $2.00 of that caliber/grade each month.

What about the Quick Start Calibers? When you select a caliber from our Quick Start menu, the quantity is in $5 increments. So a quantity of “2” is $10, a quantity of “3” is $15, and so on. We offer this as an easy way to get started, but it is a bit less customizable.

I have a bunch of (caliber xyz), can I exchange it for another caliber?2018-12-27T15:11:19-07:00

You bet! That is one of the benefits of this program vs. buying straight from the store. You can swap out your current inventory for another caliber at any time (as long as we haven’t shipped it to you). Here’s how this works: we will trade your current caliber for 95% of the new caliber (the 5% is our fee for the exchange). We use the price we are currently selling the same rounds for on our product pages and inventory .pdf to calculate the prices.

What ammunition can I order right now?2019-03-11T09:39:23-06:00

We’re constantly adding new calibers. You can also check out our Current Inventory .pdf download to see what we have in our warehouse. Be sure to join our email list for updates on any new calibers we offer in the future.

I don’t have enough for a shipment but I want to cancel… now what?2020-07-26T12:57:46-06:00

We want to be as fair as possible, so instead of shipping out, we’ll just refund your ammunition cost less a 20% restocking fee.  You can cancel your subscription yourself in the MyAccount page, but you’ll need to create a ticket to let us know that you want to sell back the ammo in your inventory – it doesn’t happen automatically.

Am I locked into my subscription for certain period of time?2018-04-25T22:09:02-06:00

No, of course not. It is month-to-month and you can cancel or adjust it at any time. There are also no fees to set-up or cancellation. You have the ability to place your subscription on hold or cancel right from your “MyAccount” page.

I placed an order – where is my ammunition? I haven’t received it yet.2018-12-27T15:14:05-07:00

Our program is not like a regular retail store. It is more of an ammo accumulation program than a traditional subscription service. Compared to other subscription programs, we are unique. We don’t ship ammo to you every month unless you set up your account that way. You can let your ammunition accumulate until you are ready to have it shipped. We also do not charge any fee for storage of your accumulated ammo and gear.

To have ammo shipped automatically, you need to have an automatic trigger set up. If you don’t, you will need to request your ammunition via the “Request Ammo” tab on your member dashboard.

If you think you should be getting your ammunition this month, make sure you have a delivery trigger in place. You can see this on your email confirmation or subscription page under “MyAccount”. For everyone who has a delivery trigger, we ship out during the 2nd week of the month. When we ship, we send an email with a tracking number so you can see when your box will be delivered.

How do I know what brands I’m getting?2018-12-27T15:15:05-07:00

You won’t know for sure until you get your box delivered. We are similar to a wine of the month club in that you can sign up for red or white wine but not request specific brands. We do provide a list of which brands we have in inventory right now (you may get any of the brands listed for a particular caliber/grade/bullet weight).

Customers can list their specific likes and dislikes under the “Ammo Preferences” section of their account. This gives us some structure on how to package up your box: for example if you list that you like Federal, but don’t like Remington, we’ll always default to Federal if we have it. You can be as granular as you like, and we’ll try our best to fill your box according to your preferences.

You can see what we currently have on our shelves that we’re filling boxes with this month (but keep in mind that brands change frequently). Just check out our CURRENT INVENTORY page.

What are “Ammunition Grades”?2018-04-25T22:13:14-06:00

As gun owners we all know that ammunition is not created equal. Wolf is not the same as Winchester. What we’ve done at Ammo² to acknowledge that fact is to group brands of ammo into “grades” (just like gasoline or beef). When you create your Automatic Ammunition subscription you decide on grade and caliber not the exact brand. When we pack your shipment, we fill from our available inventory. While we do list the brands we have currently, that may change as we get new shipments of various calibers and grade options in the future. Here you can find information about our ammo quality grades.

How much ammunition am I actually getting every month?2018-04-26T19:18:40-06:00

That depends on how much you want. Your monthly subscription and the price per round ($/rnd) will determine how much of each caliber goes into your inventory each month. The price will fluctuate a little over time, but we do our best to keep prices as low as possible. You know what the current price is by looking at the product page or our CURRENT INVENTORY page – so you can be satisfied with the price point you are getting when your order goes through on the first of each month.

Why don’t I just buy 1,000 rounds from an online ammo retailer instead?2018-04-25T22:23:39-06:00

You can, and should! AmmoSquared is not a replacement for traditional ammunition retailers, we have a different approach. Our focus is on providing an automated “drip” purchase option so you can buy ammunition like you fund your 401k. If you have a need for a large amount of ammo right away, you should purchase from a traditional ammunition retailer. If you want to supplement your ammunition supply with a regular periodic purchase strategy – then AmmoSquared is here.

How does this work?2018-12-27T15:18:49-07:00

With AmmoSquared, you set up a monthly subscription for the calibers and quality grade you want. Each month your subscription automatically purchases a small amount of ammo at bulk prices. This ammunition accumulates until you want it delivered – which can be set up for automatic delivery or “on demand”. It is as simple as that.

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • You are not purchasing specific brands. We are different then a retail store where you pick out exactly what you want and it gets shipped to you immediately. Instead you are signing up for the calibers and grades of ammo you want and then setting aside a little bit of money each month to purchase those.
  • All prices and brands are listed on our  latest price sheet .
  • Your ammo will accumulate in our warehouse until you are ready to receive it – it doesn’t get shipped out automatically unless you have set up an automatic shipping trigger.
  • We can’t break ammo out of factory boxes and ship it separate. So you’ll need to accumulate at least enough ammo so we can send you the factory box (typically 50 rounds of pistol or 20 rounds of rifle ammo, but this varies by caliber and brand).
  • Our minimum shipment size is 100 rounds. Anything less and it doesn’t make financial sense for you or for us. If you request your inventory and have less than 100 rounds, we will flag the shipment and notify you before we ship it out to make sure you really want to have it shipped.
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