Self-Defense Handguns: A Good Excuse to be Practical


Teaching self-defense and concealed carry classes, I’ve noticed a trend these days. For some reason, people seem to be getting nearly apoplectic when it comes to selecting their self-defense handguns and the gear to go with them. Now, I’ll grant you, selecting the right equipment is important, because self-defense is important, but working yourself [...]

Self-Defense Handguns: A Good Excuse to be Practical2018-12-28T20:57:05-06:00

Long Range Shooting 101


Introduction The shooting world can be a bit cyclical, with things going out of fashion and then coming right back when a new technical advantage comes into play. We have seen progression in our understanding of ballistics, and our options for optics have steadily improved. Rifle manufacturers have also noticed the demand for [...]

Long Range Shooting 1012018-12-28T20:58:31-06:00

Gun Giveaway and Gear Clearance


I just looked at the blog and realized I haven’t written anything for a while now! Well that’s about to change... Here is the roundup: Gun Giveaway! First of all you’ll notice that we’re doing our first ever Gun Giveaway this quarter. This is the start of a trend because we already have next quarter’s [...]

Gun Giveaway and Gear Clearance2018-03-24T11:59:05-06:00

Truck Gun


What’s a truck gun?  Well a truck gun, sometimes known as a trunk gun, is a firearm that’s kept in a vehicle for threats a little bigger than your everyday concealed carry firearm can handle. It doesn’t replace your CCW, but allows you to supplement it. The trunk or truck gun is [...]

Truck Gun2018-02-20T18:41:37-06:00

Is 380 ACP the new 38 Special?


Recently, a number of articles appearing in magazines and blogs pertaining to firearms have been touting the 380 ACP as the "New 38 Special".  At first glance we found this amusing as the 380 ACP with its 17mm case length looks absolutely tiny next to a 38 Special round with its 39 mm case length. [...]

Is 380 ACP the new 38 Special?2017-12-21T09:00:10-06:00

450 Bushmaster: Extraordinary Large Bore Cartridge


There is a long standing debate among avid shooters concerning the effectiveness of small diameter, lightweight, fast moving bullets versus large diameter, heavyweight, slow moving bullets and this debate is especially germane to military personnel. Consequently, ever since the introduction of the 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge during the Vietnam [...]

450 Bushmaster: Extraordinary Large Bore Cartridge2017-12-05T21:51:12-06:00

The California Question


2018 is just a month away... If you are a gun owner in California, you already know what bad tidings 2018 brings as far as ammo and gun laws are concerned. We have fielded dozens of calls and emails this week from our California customers asking what they should do and what our response [...]

The California Question2017-11-30T12:46:03-06:00

Shotguns and Disneyland… but Not Mixed Together!


Time for some well deserved fun! It's been nearly 2 years of steady work without a break for us here at AmmoSquared, so we want to let everyone know that we'll be on vacation from April 24th until May 1st. Since nobody can do customer service like the owners themselves, our phones will be off [...]

Shotguns and Disneyland… but Not Mixed Together!2017-05-15T17:45:01-06:00

Ammo Allocation this Monday


  The 1st of the month is a big day for us and our customers. It is when 95% of our 500+ subscribers get ammo allocated to their accounts(the other 5% have requested a different date). What this means for you: [If you are already a subscriber] 1 - Log into MyAccount . Make sure you [...]

Ammo Allocation this Monday2016-07-29T16:06:29-06:00

Getting Ready for July Allocation…


Around here, the 1st week of the month is a fun (though hectic) time. The reason why is because 98% of our subscribers get allocated their inventory and we start packing up boxes for shipment. There is just generally a lot of activity at AmmoSquared headquarters. In preparation for the 1st week of the month [...]

Getting Ready for July Allocation…2016-06-27T20:02:50-06:00