Variety: The spice of life (and ammunition)!


You're going to see some new ammo brands in the future... “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”  - Paulo Coelho, Brida A couple months back we had a customer write on our “Keep AMMO² [...]

Variety: The spice of life (and ammunition)!2018-06-17T22:44:18-06:00

Gun Giveaway and Gear Clearance


I just looked at the blog and realized I haven’t written anything for a while now! Well that’s about to change... Here is the roundup: Gun Giveaway! First of all you’ll notice that we’re doing our first ever Gun Giveaway this quarter. This is the start of a trend because we already have next quarter’s [...]

Gun Giveaway and Gear Clearance2018-03-24T11:59:05-06:00

The California Question


2018 is just a month away... If you are a gun owner in California, you already know what bad tidings 2018 brings as far as ammo and gun laws are concerned. We have fielded dozens of calls and emails this week from our California customers asking what they should do and what our response [...]

The California Question2017-11-30T12:46:03-06:00

416 Barrett? Who Shoots THAT?!?


Smith and Wesson M&P magazines now available... The Weather is Perfect! The unofficial start of summer is finally here! Where we live (Idaho) the window of perfect weather runs from about mid-May until mid-June. That is when we have Goldilocks temps with no thunderstorms or excessive wind. Depending on where you live, [...]

416 Barrett? Who Shoots THAT?!?2017-05-29T20:45:22-06:00

Shotguns and Disneyland… but Not Mixed Together!


Time for some well deserved fun! It's been nearly 2 years of steady work without a break for us here at AmmoSquared, so we want to let everyone know that we'll be on vacation from April 24th until May 1st. Since nobody can do customer service like the owners themselves, our phones will be off [...]

Shotguns and Disneyland… but Not Mixed Together!2017-05-15T17:45:01-06:00

Spring is Here… Go Shoot Stuff


Can you smell it? Spring is finally here! The smells of wet earth, new grass, and spent casings are wafting through the air. That means one thing... time to get out and shoot more! I don't know about you guys, but getting out in the winter is tough. Call me a lightweight, but the few [...]

Spring is Here… Go Shoot Stuff2017-05-15T18:02:00-06:00

AMMO² News for March


Are you ready? It's been a little while since our last update... but we're coming back with a new look and some super-sized, finger lickin' good news: Hmmm, let's see... Six new caliber options, two new magazine options, free ammo cans... oh and flat rate shipping on all orders. Yeah baby. Flat $15 Shipping Starting [...]

AMMO² News for March2017-05-15T22:22:16-06:00

Black Friday Rage… plus New Gift Boxes!


If you are like us, this weekend you got bombarded by "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" advertising crap. Sorry if you were waiting for ours: we don't play that game. (Yes you are getting this just after Thanksgiving but this is actually our usual post ahead of the month end announcing new calibers and updating everyone [...]

Black Friday Rage… plus New Gift Boxes!2016-11-28T14:01:32-06:00