End of Year Gun Giveaway – Savage Scout Package


Using atmospheric noise randomness from Random.Org we drew the lucky winner on New Year's Day in our largest gun giveaway yet: Over $1300 in Gun, Gear and Ammunition. In case you haven't seen this on social media yet... on New Year's Day we drew the winner out of a hat with 38,833 names. [...]

End of Year Gun Giveaway – Savage Scout Package2019-01-05T13:07:49-06:00

Fall “G” Update: Gun Shows, GAAT Project and Gun Giveaways


Amazing how time flies! A lot has been going on with the crew at AmmoSquared and I wanted to run through some of the highlights before another couple of months go by and we find ourselves in January. This update is has been brought to you by the letter "G"...  Gun Shows We attended [...]

Fall “G” Update: Gun Shows, GAAT Project and Gun Giveaways2018-11-12T18:20:51-06:00

New Prices and Fractional Rounds Posted


EDITOR'S NOTE: These prices are circa August 2016. For current prices simply navigate to the caliber you are interested in and check out the current price listed there.  We finally got our new prices listed with "fractional rounds". All that means is that we are able to price more accurately because we aren't trying to [...]

New Prices and Fractional Rounds Posted2019-03-04T20:12:44-06:00

Share a Tradition Today!


Happy Fathers Day! The family that shoots together stays together. Celebrate this Father's Day by taking your Dad, Grandad or (if you are a father) your Kids out shooting today. Share a tradition that will last decades... We've got some important updates to share with everyone... New Shipping Schedule: In the past (when we were [...]

Share a Tradition Today!2016-06-19T19:09:24-06:00