Ammo Allocation this Monday

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  The 1st of the month is a big day for us and our customers. It is when 95% of our 500+ subscribers get ammo allocated to their accounts(the other 5% have requested a different date). What this means for you: [If you are already a subscriber] 1 - Log into MyAccount . Make sure you [...]

Share a Tradition Today!

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Happy Fathers Day! The family that shoots together stays together. Celebrate this Father's Day by taking your Dad, Grandad or (if you are a father) your Kids out shooting today. Share a tradition that will last decades... We've got some important updates to share with everyone... New Shipping Schedule: In the past (when we were [...]

We make good on our promise. Finally!

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Crazy talk. That's how we feel about all of the media buzz about gun control in light of the terror shooting at a Florida night club today. We know as gun owners that more gun regulation won't stop these kinds of terrorist actions - they will only encourage them. If someone wants to cause harm [...]

Monkey + Darts + Ammo

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So last week we announced that we were updating our inventory of 5.56 from Federal to IMI. This week we’re announcing a new addition: 45 ACP Self Defense Grade in the form of 230gr Federal HST. We also just added a new page on our site that lists about 20 new ammunition additions we'll be [...]

Grandma Would Be So Proud

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You might have noticed the calendar today… it’s Mother’s Day! We want to kick this update off with a shout out to Mom’s and Grandma’s out there and recognize all the sh*t they have to put up with… Especially in times past (or present) when all the men were away and it was the women that protected the homestead... But times have [...]

Birdshot, Buckshot and Slugs… Oh My!

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Well you've probably heard of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel but you haven't heard of Shotgun Week at Ammo² yet I bet... While we're not quite as sophisticated as the Discovery Channel with their crazy cool graphics and video, we did manage to get a nice shot of Dan mid-ejection... (that's shotgun shell ejection - [...]

10mm and 22LR Added

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Updates and News 10mm and .22LR Added.. Yeah! We're working through our backlog of caliber requests and have added 10mm and .22lr... You can log in to your account right now and add either... The Inventory Tab is Working!  That is actually big news! For weeks we were having problems with the way it was [...]