Q3 Gun Giveaway Announcement – Ruger PC Carbine


Yesterday we did a quick post to social media to announce the winner of our Q3 Gun Giveaway. That was just to get the news out quickly since we know everyone was anxiously waiting for news. Here is that post... But now we want to spend some time to do it the RIGHT [...]

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Q3 Gun Giveaway – Ruger PC Carbine


Hey everyone! This quarter we have something pretty stinkin' cool in store for our gun giveaway!  In Q1 we gave away a pistol: S&W M&P Shield 2.0 in 9mm; in Q2 we gave away a shotgun: Mossberg 590 Shockwave. Now when Q3 comes to a close we're going to be handing out a rifle: the [...]

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Q2 Gun Giveaway Announcement


We are super excited to announce the winner of our Q2 Gun Giveaway! We decided not to film the number generator selection process like we did last time. That was a little like watching paint dry, so you will have to just make due with our super exciting announcement video (Notice the two camera [...]

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Great Gun Giveaway


What do FN, Primary Weapon Systems (PWS), Seekins Precision, Springfield Armory, STI, Walther Arms, and Wilson Combat and AMMO² all have in common? We’re all part of The Great Gun Giveaway! This is contest is definitely worth entering. Not only are some of the biggest names in the industry contributing to the prize [...]

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Q1 Gun Giveaway Winner Announcement


Well we finally were able to successfully get in touch with the (runner up) winner of our M&P Shield in 9mm. We did end up doing a second drawing - so the lesson here is that if you enter a contest, make sure to check your email because you just might win! In case [...]

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