New Prices and Fractional Rounds Posted

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EDITOR'S NOTE: These prices are circa August 2016. For current prices simply navigate to the caliber you are interested in and check out the current price listed there.  We finally got our new prices listed with "fractional rounds". All that means is that we are able to price more accurately because we aren't trying to [...]

Subscription Program Updates

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Hey Everyone, We have a lot going on this month and wanted to share some updates.. Okay let’s get to it. First a quick summary of the changes we’re making with details below: Shipping Full Boxes Only – change due to legal and liability concerns Removing Brand Details from Inventory Notes – to make it [...]

10mm and 22LR Added

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Updates and News 10mm and .22LR Added.. Yeah! We're working through our backlog of caliber requests and have added 10mm and .22lr... You can log in to your account right now and add either... The Inventory Tab is Working!  That is actually big news! For weeks we were having problems with the way it was [...]

Updates (+ new Calibers!)

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Hi Everyone, It is spring (nearly) and there is a lot going on at Ammo². If you are a long time visitor to the site, the first thing you'll notice is our updated site design. Hopefully you like it as much as we do. Honestly we wanted to make things easier to find and cleaner [...]