What is AMMO²…? A Subscription box or… ?


Okay so is AMMO² a subscription box? The answer is yes… and no. In one type of subscription box model, a “Surprise Box”, you sign up for a set amount each month (often at various levels) and receive random items in your box related to a theme (Lootcrate, TacPack). The purpose of this model is novelty. [...]

What is AMMO²…? A Subscription box or… ?2017-06-13T19:42:06-06:00

It’s Our Birthday! (Well sort of..)


We’ve turned one year old, learned to walk, and now we’re beginning to sprint!   With all the excitement around the upcoming election, Kim Kardashian getting robbed, and creepy clowns roaming the streets, we plum forgot to celebrate our birthday! We turned one last month and wanted to do something special besides have cake and ice cream (though we [...]

It’s Our Birthday! (Well sort of..)2016-10-27T19:16:05-06:00

Purple?!? I’ll take it!


Sunday, October 16, 2016   A few years back Danielle and I were taking our 10 lb Chihuahua for "potty walk" around the block... (she was a bitter toothless little thing... we've since moved on to a real dog). Anyway, we saw a new Jeep Wrangler, that was purple. At the time I remember thinking "who would buy a purple Jeep?" (I was [...]

Purple?!? I’ll take it!2016-10-16T19:10:07-06:00

Payment Processor Woes


On July 1st we got an email from our payment processor Stripe stating that they can no longer do business with us because we sell ammunition (even though this is a completely legal business transaction): They gave us 2 weeks to move over to a new payment processor. Which was nice that they didn't just freeze our account and [...]

Payment Processor Woes2016-08-01T14:02:15-06:00

We make good on our promise. Finally!


Crazy talk. That's how we feel about all of the media buzz about gun control in light of the terror shooting at a Florida night club today. We know as gun owners that more gun regulation won't stop these kinds of terrorist actions - they will only encourage them. If someone wants to cause harm [...]

We make good on our promise. Finally!2016-06-12T22:42:52-06:00

Constitutional Carry Depends on All of Us


To some, it is a crazy notion: carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, but to others it is seen as a constitutional right. While, only a couple of decades ago it was rare to have a permit to carry concealed, now the trend is toward Constitutional Carry – concealed carry without a permit. Yesterday, [...]

Constitutional Carry Depends on All of Us2016-03-26T14:47:39-06:00