Weathering the Ammo Shortage Storm

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We're living in unprecedented times... but we're still delivering on our MISSION. Hey Folks,I started AmmoSquared 5 years ago because I lived through two ammo shortages and I didn't want to be caught empty handed again. I knew other people had to feel the same way, and I was right. Now we are deep in [...]

Digital Ammunition Part 2

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Digital Ammunition Part 2 Time to pick this crazy idea back up and put some meat on the bare bones I threw out there last week... (Note: If you missed Part 1 of this series you can read it here.) So to recap just a bit, last week I proposed this idea of "Digital Ammunition" that can [...]

Digital Ammunition Part 1

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Digital Ammunition. To most people, those words don't fit together: digital ammunition... What does that even mean? Everyone knows you can't have something physical like ammunition combined with something... well, uh digital. Right? Let's just say that used to be the case. But the world is changing. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look [...]

Corporations vs. Freedom

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If there is one philosophical ideal running through my life it can be summed up in one word: Freedom (I suspect this may be the same for you). I believe in freedom in all its different forms: personal freedom, financial freedom and the freedom to make your own way in the world. The freedom to [...]

Put a Little Training in your Life

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When I was 17, I nearly shot myself in the head. This isn't a tale of teenage angst and attempted suicide - this is a tale of (very) poor gun handling skills.  You see, when I was a teen I had access to guns but not responsible adult supervision. This story isn't very long but [...]

Political Discrimination by the Banking Industry

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Political discrimination in by large corporations is real - I'm a victim of it. If you run a business counter to mainstream "political correctness" you are systematically shut out of many of the tools small businesses depend on to thrive and grow:  including search engine and social media marketing, credit card processing and small business [...]

We’re Not MidwayUSA or Walmart

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I just got off the phone with a guy that was interested in our service but didn’t quite understand it. That happens a lot. When your company does something completely different from everyone else, people often have a hard time digesting it and adapting it to their existing world models. In our case, a different [...]

Self-Defense Handguns: A Good Excuse to be Practical

By |2018-12-28T20:57:05-07:00December 28th, 2018|Categories: Commentary, Useful Stuff|

Teaching self-defense and concealed carry classes, I’ve noticed a trend these days. For some reason, people seem to be getting nearly apoplectic when it comes to selecting their self-defense handguns and the gear to go with them. Now, I’ll grant you, selecting the right equipment is important, because self-defense is important, but working yourself [...]

Long Range Shooting 101

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Introduction The shooting world can be a bit cyclical, with things going out of fashion and then coming right back when a new technical advantage comes into play. We have seen progression in our understanding of ballistics, and our options for optics have steadily improved. Rifle manufacturers have also noticed the demand for [...]

Lead Free And Loving It!

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While there’s nothing wrong with showing some caution regarding lead, in recent years caution seems to have crossed over into paranoia and sometimes borders on hysteria. California, a place that specializes in hysteria, recently banned the use of bullets containing lead for all types of hunting. This measure was meant to safeguard predators from [...]

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