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Welcome Backwoods Friends!

We provide savvy gun owners with the ability to stockpile factory new ammunition so it is there when it is needed most. We’re not ecommerce though, we’re more like an ammunition savings account.

In 2015, we set out to use the internet to actually make buying and storing ammunition easier. Ammo in your account can be bought, returned, exchanged, and shipped to you with the push of a button. You can even use it in transactions and "pay" others with ammunition!

Sign up for your $20 Ammo Credit:

When you sign up with this link from Backwoods, you'll get a $20 ammo credit and the folks at backwoods will earn a small commission to help fill their ammo bank account!

Please read our terms before continuing.
This offer is good for new customers only. Once applied to your account, the entire voucher amount will be added as a credit balance. Your credit balance does not expire and cannot be transferred to other accounts. Your credit balance cannot be redeemed for cash. Review terms and conditions

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