About Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan is a native Montanan that has spent his life hunting, shooting and just generally being outdoors. When he’s not busy filling the freezer or playing with his nephew, he enjoys spending time at the range testing loads for his latest acquisitions. His wildcat, the .411 Ryan Express, has proven itself effective on big game throughout North America and Africa. He is currently working to harvest a big game animal with every caliber from .22 to .50 and is almost there, with only a few calibers remaining.

Self-Defense Handguns: A Good Excuse to be Practical

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Teaching self-defense and concealed carry classes, I’ve noticed a trend these days. For some reason, people seem to be getting nearly apoplectic when it comes to selecting their self-defense handguns and the gear to go with them. Now, I’ll grant you, selecting the right equipment is important, because self-defense is important, but working yourself [...]

Lead Free And Loving It!

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While there’s nothing wrong with showing some caution regarding lead, in recent years caution seems to have crossed over into paranoia and sometimes borders on hysteria. California, a place that specializes in hysteria, recently banned the use of bullets containing lead for all types of hunting. This measure was meant to safeguard predators from [...]

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