About AmmoDan

Dan is co-owner and founder of AmmoSquared. He is an avid shooter and a student of multiple firearms courses. Dan likes to think of himself as an amateur gunsmith and recently completed a project AR10 (that actually works!). Dan gets out whenever possible to ring steel or punch holes in paper with his wife Danielle and three daughters. For the curious, his usual carry gun is a S&W M&P Shield in 45 ACP.

We’re Not MidwayUSA or Walmart


I just got off the phone with a guy that was interested in our service but didn’t quite understand it. That happens a lot. When your company does something completely different from everyone else, people often have a hard time digesting it and adapting it to their existing world models. In our case, a different [...]

We’re Not MidwayUSA or Walmart2019-03-29T10:46:39-06:00

Fall “G” Update: Gun Shows, GAAT Project and Gun Giveaways


Amazing how time flies! A lot has been going on with the crew at AmmoSquared and I wanted to run through some of the highlights before another couple of months go by and we find ourselves in January. This update is has been brought to you by the letter "G"...  Gun Shows We attended [...]

Fall “G” Update: Gun Shows, GAAT Project and Gun Giveaways2018-11-12T18:20:51-06:00

GAAT Update – 1st Day Out


Today was the first day out testing handgun accuracy. It was definitely a learning experience:   First of all: the Ransom Rest ROCKS! Second: Wind SUCKS when testing ammo. Lastly: We learned some stuff and as a result, we're changing our procedure (more about that below).  Let me explain a little more in detail below... [...]

GAAT Update – 1st Day Out2018-08-19T19:21:14-06:00

Gun + Ammo Accuracy Testing Project (“GAAT”)


We are just about ready to officially start the AmmoSquared Guns + Ammo Accuracy Testing Project (the "GAAT" Project for short... came up with that one ourselves!) Anyway, hopefully you watched our YouTube video. But in case you haven't yet: The goal of the "GAAT Project" is to see what ammo runs best and is [...]

Gun + Ammo Accuracy Testing Project (“GAAT”)2018-08-16T12:01:46-06:00

Ransom Rest Ammo Accuracy Project


Have you ever purchased a new handgun and wondered what the most accurate brand of ammo is for it? Or at the very least: what bullet weight your gun prefers? I have. To answer those questions, we have embarked on a very ambitious project to test every brand and bullet weight from all of [...]

Ransom Rest Ammo Accuracy Project2018-07-31T18:19:50-06:00

Variety: The spice of life (and ammunition)!


You're going to see some new ammo brands in the future... “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”  - Paulo Coelho, Brida A couple months back we had a customer write on our “Keep AMMO² [...]

Variety: The spice of life (and ammunition)!2018-06-17T22:44:18-06:00

Gun Giveaway and Gear Clearance


I just looked at the blog and realized I haven’t written anything for a while now! Well that’s about to change... Here is the roundup: Gun Giveaway! First of all you’ll notice that we’re doing our first ever Gun Giveaway this quarter. This is the start of a trend because we already have next quarter’s [...]

Gun Giveaway and Gear Clearance2018-03-24T11:59:05-06:00

Why I Started AmmoSquared


Whenever I go to Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse, or a local gun store... I'm reminded why I started AmmoSquared. Last night I decided to stop by the Boise Cabela's to look at boots and browse their backbacks (I'm thinking about getting the whole family into backpacking come spring time - but that is another story!). Like [...]

Why I Started AmmoSquared2018-01-12T14:28:27-06:00