Getting Ready for July Allocation…

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Around here, the 1st week of the month is a fun (though hectic) time. The reason why is because 98% of our subscribers get allocated their inventory and we start packing up boxes for shipment. There is just generally a lot of activity at AmmoSquared headquarters. In preparation for the 1st week of the month [...]

Share a Tradition Today!

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Happy Fathers Day! The family that shoots together stays together. Celebrate this Father's Day by taking your Dad, Grandad or (if you are a father) your Kids out shooting today. Share a tradition that will last decades... We've got some important updates to share with everyone... New Shipping Schedule: In the past (when we were [...]

We make good on our promise. Finally!

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Crazy talk. That's how we feel about all of the media buzz about gun control in light of the terror shooting at a Florida night club today. We know as gun owners that more gun regulation won't stop these kinds of terrorist actions - they will only encourage them. If someone wants to cause harm [...]